The Self Image of a Sophisticate

"Little girls with dreams become women with vision" Unknown

Who am I? An age old question that has an answer in a journey that takes a lifetime. In Lesson 6 'Environment is but our Looking Glass' I learned that instead of having to find myself I can create it. 

In this lesson, I learned how vital self-image is to achieving your results. You can want or have a desire to achieve a goal. You can believe you can achieve your goal but if you don't have a healthy self image you never will. Why? Because based on my training from Andy Kostow Founder and CEO of Dream Life Thinking my thoughts shape every aspect of my personality and appearance. What does my personality and appearance say about who I think I am? Is my self-image helping me get achieve my goals? Up until now the answer has been no. 

Children born with praise results in confidence. A child who is brought up with criticism is insecure. I always knew how to be financially independent but I never had the confidence or belief in myself to be emotionally dependent.  I was needy because I was insecure.

There is nothing about my blog or what I project or post in relation to my blog that is not me. Everything is me  and what I believe in. Yet, most of what I write I never do. My beliefs never reflect my actions. How could I be so confident when writing my blog yet, be so emotionally dependent in real life. How could I be so optimistic yet in reality be so negative and critical? Insecurity.

In business the emphasis is about the importance of being able to 'Brand Yourself'. My self image or my brand is Sophisticate in the Suburbs. When I started it, I created an alter ego (A Sophisticate  writes a Blog). I always considered it an alter ego until one friend made the observation that my blog Sophisticate in the Suburbs was not something imagined, it was me. 

"Whatever you believe about yourself on the inside is what you will manifest on the outside" Unknown

It wasn't until this lesson that I discovered and believed it was true. I thought back to the most amazing compliments I had ever received. During the first week, whenever I thought of myself as a horrible person I went back to one compliment in particular.

Starting with the Lesson 5 'I began to realize my worth. By the end of the lesson I learned who I am and have begun to I love who I am. Imperfections and all. What also helped was someone special loving me for who I was and not who I pretended to be. When I realized I found someone who wants to be with me for who I truly am instead of the person I was trying to be, I felt free (A Sophisticate is Free). 

Who am I? An independent, compassionate, loving, and creative person. What is my purpose? To inspire happiness.

To begin to understand who I want to become in the future I began to understand who in my life I respect and admire. I also thought about those people who I respected and admired who I looked up to as role models. I thought about their behavior and realized that I wanted to have those attributes in my own personality.

I love Alice in Wonderland. Last summer, I felt as if I was looking at the person I wanted to become through the 'Looking Glass'. This summer I feel as if I'm becoming that image I saw when I thought about who I wanted to be and what I wanted to achieve. With Lesson 6 'Environment is but our Looking Glass' I've taken a huge step to achieving the "C" goal I set for myself in Lesson 1 'A Worthy Ideal'

In the end, how do I feel after two weeks? Organized, energetic, happier than I've been since  I was a child. I feel free, alive, and unbelievably relaxed and calm. Who am I after two weeks? An emotionally independent and loving person who is unafraid to shine and sparkle (A Sophisticate Sparkles). After two weeks, I have become on the outside what I have known to be on the inside,  Sophisticate in the Suburbs. ;D