Staying in Charge

"Only you can create your future" Dr. Seuss

'Lesson 5: The Trick to Staying in Charge no Matter what the Circumstance'  was the hardest yet most enlightening lesson I had to learn. Being such, this lesson and every lesson from now on according to Andy Kostow was to be applied with numerous if not every situation in my life

If I were to summarize 'Lesson 5: The Trick to Staying in Charge no Matter what the Circumstance' into one word, it would be 'Focus'. This lesson was to learn how to remove outside distractions (sensory influences) and focus on the mind with all of the powerful capabilities it has to offer.

"I see only the objective, the obstacles must give way" Napoleon Hill

The point of the lesson was to understand, distinguish, and try to utilize all of the following different capabilities of the mind: 

Reason gives us the ability to think. An idea is merely a collection of thoughts directed towards a purpose. Will gives us the ability to focus. Will is what we call our concentration. There is Imagination (A Sophisticate in Wonderland) and intuition. Intuition is the energy around us.

"When we pray, we're talking to God. When we use our intuitive factor, God's talking to us" Unknown

By the end of the lesson, I had been able to harness each. Imagination was easy. I've never had problem with utilizing or focusing on using my imagination. I had always heard the quote "Where there is a will there is a way"

My journey hinged on the second week of repeating the lesson.  I had thought about what I wanted for a certain amount of time where my Will took over. Nothing could stop me telling someone what I wanted. When I didn't get what I wanted my Will and desire to achieve my goal took charge. I began to collect physical representations of my goal beyond writing and having pictorial representations to keep me focused on what I want.

Then, I took my goal card I created in 'Lesson 1: What is your Goal?' and placed it in front of me to look at all day. All I did was focus on my goal. Later on that day I went for a walk. All of a sudden it dawned on me. I have been undervaluing myself. It's not been that other people have been undervaluing me, it's that I've been doing it for them. I'm a pretty great person. 

A person can say they deserve the best and maybe I always knew it but I never believed it (A Sophisticate Believes). The thought up to that point had never gone into my subconscious. Well, then like dominos it was if everything fell into place. I relayed my Perception on someone rejecting me was not unfounded. I used my Memory and remembered all the times my actions or behavior showed how I undervalued myself. Why did I act the way I did? I'm a great person with ALOT to offer. They were 100% right by not giving me what I want. By pure magic the understanding of  why achieving my goal didn't work came to me. Later on in the week, my Intuition (A Sophisticate and her Inner Voice) came into play when a situation arrived where I felt guilty.

Why was I feeling guilty? My coach Andy Kostow told me it was my Intuition. My intuition was telling me the situation was wrong and should be avoided at all costs.

Now, the point is to recognize and utilize all of these creative facilities to influence my mind so that I can 'Think into Results' and allow my thoughts flow into my subconscious mind. Once those thoughts flow into my subconscious mind so I can change my habits to achieve what I want. ;D