What Is Your Goal?

This Sophisticate who lives in the Suburbs will be blogging about her experience with Andy Kostow CEO/Founder of ‘DreamLife Thinking’ and ‘Thinking Into Results’ written by Sandra Gallagher, Co-Founder of Proctor Gallagher Institute, is a culmination of 50 years of Bob Proctor’s research and experience.
There was only one word to describe what I felt when I watched the first DVD of the 12 DVD series and it was freedom. As an only child there were times when I had to be by myself. my imagination led me to what I wanted when I grew up. As a grown up and because of outside influences I started to believe they were only childish daydreams. That is until Bob Proctor told me that I had to identify three goals. The three goals were “A” something I know that can achieve a.k.a. a goal that I could achieve in the present to achieve results, “B” a goal that I could plan to achieve a.k.a. a goal of what I think I can do, and finally “C” fantasy goal a.k.a. the goal that I truly want. For the “C” goal I was told that I had to stretch my imagination as far as it could go to see the vision of what I really wanted in my heart. My excitement immediately grew when I heard about the “C” goal because I didn’t have far to stretch.

My professional “C” or stretch goal existed since I was a child but I always kept it inside telling no one. Here was someone telling me that it wasn’t childish. Bob Proctor told me that my goal was acceptable. What did I have to do to make my dreams come true and help me reach my goal? All I had to do to turn it from a a daydream to reality was to write it down and believe. ;D