A Sophisticate at XV Beacon

"Elegance comes from a being as beautiful inside as outside" Coco Chanel 

Trendy, with an old style courteous service, XV Beacon made me feel comfortable the moment I walked through the door. Sinking into the plush couch as I waited for my room to be ready coupled with the gorgeous decor, my first impression was that I was going to enjoy every moment of my stay.

While staying there I had reserved a classic suite. Although the smallest rooms offered, there was a gas fireplace in my room. It was gorgeous. Clean, classic, and comfortable, it seemed more like a small condo rather than a room. A desk and my own personal hallway.

The first night after finishing dinner I was craving something sweet. As I was just about to go downstairs to see what pastry shoppes were around the area, the doorbell rang. On queue, someone was standing there with homemade cookies, a 'welcome' gift from the hotel. It was perfect.

The gesture made me feel appreciated as a guest. Although some people may consider it small it was just enough to make me feel important. That night as with every night I received a knock on my door. Part of the services included someone walking around every night to see if the guests needed or wanted anything. When looking for a glass or bottle of water, the front desk had a wine glass of ice water delivered to my front door. It was convenient, refreshing, and elegant. 

There is always some element in a hotel room that makes a Sophisticate long for home. For me these are always the bathrooms. The bathrooms at the XV Beacon were different because the same comfortable feeling from the bedroom continued. The shower was luxurious. How luxurious? At XV Beacon not only did I look forward to taking a shower I also thought about how I could have a similar shower designed at home.

XV Beacon cared about the smallest detail. The shampoo they provided was so good and when I looked at who made it, it was specially designed for the hotel. Classy. 

Beyond them being environmentally conscious (A Sophisticate is an Environmentalist) without foregoing the comfort of their guests they are pet friendly too. A great hotel is known for the attention to detail. The  shampoo, their pride in caring for the environment, and the added comfort of being able to bring a pet showed that they meant to distinguish themselves.

Being alone, the complimentary Lexus sedan service was an added bonus. Being independent, a Sophisticate is independent. By staying at XV Beacon there was no concern about paying for a taxi or more importantly, getting lost in an unfamiliar city. The drivers they provide are kind, courteous, and fast. 

The staff was friendly and helpful. They anticipated my needs and their services before I knew what they were. From the cleaning men and women to the concierge, everyone had a smile on their face. They had a friendless that was genuine. As a guest that added to adding to the comfort of my stay. 

Finally, the associated restaurant Moo... was convenient with excellent food and service. Fresh ingredients, large portions, and an extension of the comfortable atmosphere of XV Beacon was my favorite breakfast spot. and Kind and courteous, I missed the attention the staff provided as soon as I arrived got into the taxi back to the airport. Kind and courteous, I missed the attention the staff provided as soon as I arrived got into the taxi back to the airport. 

Few hotels live up to the quality that is presented online. From personal experience XV Beacon lives up to what they show to the public and beyond. Being a Sophisticate in the 21st Century means more than looking good on the outside, it means being a quality person on the inside. In the end, when visiting Boston a Sophisticate stays at XV Beacon because they define what sophistication and elegance once staying inside then what they present online or on the outside. ;D