A Sophisticate Sings

"If I cannot fly, let me sing" Stephen Sondheim

To sing is to utilize the same passion emotion a dancer utilizes with their body . (A Sophisticate dances Ballet) A Sophisticate knows to sing is to dance with her dance with her voice. Singing is finding a way to express powerful emotions in a constructive way. 

Freshman year of high school in Nashville I took both singing lessons at school and at a private studio. When I walked in for my first class at the private studio there were couches, a stage with five microphones, and fancy studio equipment. When I approached the teacher behind the studio equipment I told him I wasn't very good. He said 'We'll see about that'. He handed me a piece of paper with words to a pop song. There were no notes. While he was showing me a breathing technique that allowed me to make sound he told me that this was the reason behind why Barbara Streisand never got plastic surgery on her nose.

Physically a Sophisticate sings with her lungs to reach the notes. Emotionally a Sophisticate sings with her passion and her heart to express the notes, music, or words she wants to sing.

Within what seemed like seconds of this technique I somehow gained the talent of being able to sing. Now, the challenge was to sing well. At each practice he would hand us a sheet of paper with words to a song. Then, he would play the song and we would listen to it. Finally, he would play the instrumental for us to replicate what we had just heard. He also taught us 'stage presence'.  There are specific ways on how in front of a microphone and the position of the microphone is important. The closer the microphone to your voice, the better. 

A Sophisticate utilizes her feelings like the music itself utilizes the staff to carry the notes she sings.

Emotion was what we mainly worked on. The technical stuff was merely a readjustment of the focus of the technique he taught us. Emotion he believed was the key to being a great singer. He believed notes  carried a singer only so far and it was your feelings and emotions that allowed someone to project what they needed to carry a song. 

"Words make you think. Music makes you feel. A song makes you feel a thought" Yip Harburg

A Sophisticate loves to sing because she can express everything she is feeling. All of that passion and all that is special inside of her can be heard. There is nothing more exhilarating for her when the power she has inside reaches a note that is hers. Usually when she reaches that note she strikes a chord with everyone who can hear and is willing to listen.

How does a Sophisticate know a good song? It makes her feel something. What is the mark of a good singer? They make you feel something. There are singers are not technically good and more often than not they write their own music. Therefore, their emotion is so strong they shape a song to make you feel something. Those singers are considered artists. 

A Sophisticate sings because music is the language of her soul (Love and Music: The Language of the Soul). The lyrics of a song are the words of her personality and heart. In the end, no matter what the circumstance, happy or sad, good or bad, a Sophisticate always has a song to sing. ;D