A Sophisticate is a Diva

"Every person has their norm. And in that norm every person is a star" from 'Stella Adler: The Art of Acting' edited and compiled by Howard Kissel
If you look up the word Diva in the dictionary it refers to the word Prima Donna. Prima Donna is defined as "a vain or undisciplined person who finds it difficult to work under direction or as part of a team".
Last year, the book 'Diva Code' came out by Miss Piggy and when that happened the word 'Diva' took on a whole new meaning for me. Growing up, I used to watch 'The Muppet Show' and beyond Animal, Janice, or Fozzie Bear, I always enjoyed watching Miss Piggy. Annoying at times, she had a very distinct personality for a puppet. As an adult watching her on interviews on 'The View', 'Wendy Williams', and 'Today' I realized that although Jim Henson made her bossy, self-induldulgent, and selfish she was also very confident. Miss Piggy puts herself first where others may not, true to her Man or Frog, and demands nothing more that what she feel she deserves. What does she deserve? The best. A Sophisticate let's everyone know she deserves the best (A Sophisticate has Attitude; Attitude).

"There are two things that are infinite: femininity and means to take advantage of it." 'La Femme Nikita'
The word diva has become a derogatory term because of the attitude of the particular person who is referred to as one. Although, the definition says 'person' why is the word Diva only applied to women? Are making unnecessary demands that do not help anyone but herself wrong? Why can't a woman demand respect or refuse to be ignored? Why can't a woman know what she wants and do what it takes to get it? Why is it wrong to assume something for her can be done quickly and easily?
When others perceive a Sophisticate being a diva is simply because she is being treated with disrespect or ignored on a consistent basis. A Sophisticate may be 'Miss Independent' but she is still human unable to satisfy all of her needs and wants herself.
A Sophisticate is both a leader and a team player. There are times that her behavior must be over the top. When a Sophisticate has worked hard and done all she can do in the name of a team or group effort or for a particular cause or goal that she believes in or has wanted for a long time and is not respected, she must be selfish and demanding. For example, if she has worked hard to earn a good grade or and someone in a high position treats her with disrespect, more for personal dislike rather than her performance, then there is a justification for her to not to be a team player. She must then demand what she believes she has earned, diva or not, a Sophisticate knows she deserves something for her effort, her intelligence, her drive to succeed, and merely her desire to do and be better.

“I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life's a bitch. You've got to go out and kick ass" Maya Angelou
A Sophisticate knows what she really wants and realizes what she is willing to pay for it. A Sophisticate understands the consequences of her actions and acts accordingly. 

In the end, a Sophisticate is a diva because she understands the true desires of her heart and is willing to demand and fight for them regardless of the consequences. A Sophisticate is a diva because she knows and acts as if there is no half way. ;D