A Sophisticate Votes for Warren Kampf

The beauty of the American culture is Democracy. Democracy is another word for fairness and more importantly transparency. Transparency means honesty and being unafraid to show the world who you really are. Those two attributes are what it means to be sophisticated in the 21st Century. 

State Representative Warren Kampf is serving his second term as the representative of Pennsylvania’s 157th Legislative District in the House of Representatives

Warren Kampf was first elected in November 2010 based on his ability to bring strong fiscal discipline to state government and to help re-invigorate a moribund economy. 

In 2012, he was named co-chair of the House Life Science caucus, the first freshman legislator to hold this honor. He also serves the Liquor Control, Local Government, Consumer Affairs, and Urban Affairs committees.  

When I first met Warren, he was extremely friendly. Although most politicians are friendly, Warren was kind and more importantly genuine. Sophistication in the 21st Century is not about being fake it's about sincerity. Warren Kampf is sincere, he is fair and he is honest. While walking door-to-door to talk about his policies and issues he talks to everyone like they are people and not just registered voters. Warren Kampf takes the time to talk to a Sophisticate but more importantly listen to her and what she is looking for in a representative. 

He listens and his actions speak louder than words. Facing a $4 billion deficit from the previous administration, Rep. Kampf was proud to help deliver the first on-time state budget in nearly ten years during his first year in office. 

He works hard to help his constituents who are mainly middle class families. How? He voted no for $0.28 cent tax increase on gas and has promoted growth of jobs and small businesses in the area. What Sophisticate wouldn't vote for someone who would help ensure her future success as a female entrepreneur? 

Some representatives say they care about education but the amount Warren Kampf has spent on education proves that his actions speak louder than words and numbers don't lie. He has delivered more state funding for schools than ever before. Warren Kampf's budget on the State Education Funding over the past five years:
  • In 2011-12  $9.385 billion
  • In 2012-13  $9.709 billion
  • In 2013-14  $9.975 billion
  • In 2014-15  $10.5 billion
In the end, Sophistication is about transparency and about political. If a Sophisticate lives in the 157th District in Tredyffrin Township and she wants to believe and understands that both exist, she votes for Warren Kampf on Election day this November 4th! 

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