A Sophisticate as the Center of Attention


“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond imagination. It is our light more than our darkness, which scares us.” Marianne Williamson in Return to Love: Reflections on a Course in Miracles

How many of us are truly comfortable being in the spotlight or being considered the center of attention? Even if we are comfortable with being in the spotlight, is it appropriate? Or is it even worse for someone to admit that you seek out being the center of attention? Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, and iPhones have become the norm. 

Therefore, in order to succeed or even to survive you have to be able to promote yourself. Are there modern day etiquette guidelines to promoting yourself and is it still considered egotistical to admit that you are okay with being the center of attention?

A Sophisticate finds herself being the center of attention at least once in her life when all eyes are on her. Whether she creates the opportunity herself or it is a situation that occurs from a particular accomplishment, it is what a Sophisticate does while she is the center of attention or in the spotlight that matters. A Sophisticate has manners and has at least a little bit of humility. When a Sophisticate is the center of attention she has nothing but dignity, politeness, and above all humility in her actions and with her words towards others.

A Sophisticate understands that as easily as she became the center of attention, it can all end and that she cannot be in the spotlight all of the time. She must sometimes share the spotlight to allow someone else to shine. Being the center of attention, a Sophisticate shares it with her peers and at all times remembers to be inclusive rather than exclusive. A Sophisticate also remembers to show appreciation to those who got her into the spotlight, whether it be verbally or through her actions. For a Sophisticate as the center of attention it is her appreciation and gratefulness to others that prove to everyone why she is the center of attention or why she is in the spotlight.

Being the center of attention can be stressful. Beyond the loving and respectful eyes watching you there are judgmental, hating, and critical eyes watching you as well. There are people who are jealous and there are people who will fight you to be the center attention. For a Sophisticate does enjoy being the center of attention. More importantly, she appreciates the fact that all eyes are on her for that moment. A Sophisticate recognizes that being the center of attention and being in the spotlight does only last for a moment. It is a Sophisticate's ability to have confidence, a big heart, and knowledge in her head that allows her to be free from the fear of success. It also allows her to realize the difference between working to achieve success and having the humility when she has succeeded.

A Sophisticate as the center of attention has the ability to show humility, appreciation, and be polite while enjoying the positive focus of being important in other peoples or another person’s eyes at least for the moment. ;D