A Sophisticate Moves with Adelphia

Dave Schemm and Jim Gutz 

"Change begins with 'you' as the service provider" Adelphia Moving 

When I decided to move, I had the daunting task of looking for reputable movers. Where do I start? Should I ask a co-worker or friend for a recommendation? I had received postcards in the mail from different moving companies. As with everything I went to 'Google'.  I found a way to search and compare with several movers. All the movers I looked at were expensive. Some moving companies had fancy shirts and/or catchy slogans. Those trademarks are nice and distinctive but not everything. In the 21st Century, a Company that a Sophisticate can rely on and trust who will be honest and fair is the more important than fancy shirts.

After reviewing several quotes I came across Adelphia Moving. Their prices seemed reasonable and a lot more reasonable than most so I decided to call them. When Dave Schemm picked up the phone, there was no cheesy sales pitch or cookie cutter greeting. There wasn't a voice activated system or someone who worked the desk to put me on hold until we discussed what I was looking for and needed.

Talking with Dave Schemm was easy. Dave was friendly, and there was no no sense about price or schedule. 

My biggest concern on my part the movers would have to schedule a date just to review what I was moving.  I was extremely busy handing everything I didn't even have time for a preliminary appointment. Adelphia movers didn't have to review my stuff and after telling them about how many boxes and how many rooms they came with the perfect sized truck with room to spare. 

There were no games with Adelphia Moving. 

Jimmy Gutz and Dave Schemm are both the owners of Adelphia Moving. Dave and Jim got into this business because they were tired of seeing people pull their hair out on their move date. They worked in the field for many years and it was time for them to make a change. 
They had grown tired of seeing people with mad faces when there move was over because of over pricing. Too many moving companies over charge with hidden fees and illegal labor taxes. Adelphia has decided to stay ahead of the curve by showing the world that some people in their respective fields are still honest.

By the end of the conversation, Dave responded with an e-mail stating that everything was confirmed and they looking forward to work with me. Simple, fast, straightforward, no nonsense, professional, and they were nice. No matter what happened, from the beginning I knew that I had hired reliable movers.

The day of the move, Adelphia was fast and efficient. They packed up three to four rooms of furniture and about 50 boxes in two hours. They didn't use any fancy gadgets. Moving into my new house there was only one slight unnoticeable mark they made on the wall of which they wiped off with a cloth and repainted to perfection before I realized what had happened. Their attention to detail, their willingness to help as they helped me rearrange my furniture, and kindness were  worth every penny. 

A Sophisticate when she decides to start a new life, needs help. When she needs help and wants a moving company that is reliable, safe, and fast she hires Adelphia Moving. ;D