A Sophisticate and Primary Residential Mortgage

"Isn't it time you did business with someone 'Where the Primary focus is You?" Slogan for Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.

After buying a house eight years ago I decided to sell my house for a newer one. Remember the paperwork from buying my first house and the paperwork associated with re-financing, I knew that the process to sell a house was going to be additional paperwork and probably additional stress. From experience all I know are the large corporations where I get a different person every time I call or I get a recorded message. When the real estate company recommended Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc., I figured it would be best since that would help ensure easier communication from the mortgage and real estate company.

The agents at the mortgage company were unbelievably nice. The loan originator would call me to discuss and educate me on the process. This was something I was unfamiliar with and needed to get used to since I was always used to 'bottom-line' communication with no personal touch provided. When talking with the CEO, Dave Zitting he communicated the commitment to that personal communication and touch with clients. 

According to Dave Zitting, CEO of Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. has what they called 'Wildly Important Goals' or 'WIGs' These are goals that are established specifically to help the client get through the Mortgage process. 

The pyramid logo that they chose has several sides that reach a point, come to a zenith or a focus. The strong foundation of a pyramid is the knowledge of the mortgage business that Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc is built upon with  Dave Zitting, CEO of Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc and  the  'primary' goal or focus of Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc is home ownership.

Most mortgage companies if not all provide several other financial services. Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc is a mono lined business purely focused on mortgages. This allows for their 'WIG' or 'Wildly Important Goal' to be focused on personal service for their clients in their goal to achieve the American Dream, to own a home. 
Dave Zitting CEO of 
Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.

Dave Zitting the CEO of Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc has a level of comfort and knowledge that most people  never had the luxury of obtaining. That luxury was  unbeknown to him due to the immediate connection he had  to the mortgage business due to his innate intelligence. Elements of working with people, Business Development, Marketing, Business Flow, Macro and Micro Economics all provide the complexity and challenges that Dave loves since the day he was introduced to the mortgage business at the age of 17. His family was an entrepreneurship family and he followed in their footsteps. With the determination to provide a mortgage business to focused on home ownership, he ensured a focus on client satisfaction. Beyond technical knowledge of the mortgage business Dave Zitting has been a homeowner from the age of 19. Therefore, he is well acquainted with the home ownership process. His experience and knowledge of the mortgage business helps him and Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc stand out from the rest. Dave Zitting understands all the clients and how to educate his agents to help them understand the client as well. Dave shares each and every one of his clients of Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc with his agents. 

Whether it is buying her first home, or whether she is selling and buying her second or third home, a Sophisticate chooses Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.because of the attention to detail, the support, and personal attention they provide to each and everyone of their customers or clients. In the end, a Sophisticate chooses Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. because the primary focus is her. ;D