Entrepreneur Day 6: Client Meeting with VisionaryDreams Bridal Consulting by Tierra Younger

Tierra Younger CEO of VisionaryDreams
 Bridal Consulting and Design
Today I woke up and received an early Christmas gift an e-mail with a resume submission. It was validation that someone besides me wanted to be part of S o p h i s t i c a t e. With a client meeting tonight and tomorrow morning I realized that my Company or life as an entrepreneur is starting to gain momentum. Instead of fear or worry, today I began to feel excitement.

After my meeting with my life coach or life facilitator Andy Kostow CEO of Dream Life Thinking, I completed the first draft and e-mailed Dave Zitting the CEO of Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. His quick response and willingness to meet to finalize the blog was greatly appreciated. Then, I submitted a $325.00 donation to FACE Africa. The donation was made due to the support from Melissa Aidukas CEO/Founder of Women in Business Social Networking (WIBSN) Dawn Jones Director of Business Development of W by Worth and Ruth Santiago Event Management Specialist at Plan Ahead Events- Montco. My goal next year is to raise enough money for a water well in Liberia and travel there to see it built in person.

At the end of the day, I had a client meeting with Tierra Younger CEO of VisionaryDreams Bridal Consulting and Design.  It was a two hour meeting where we planned out the blog topics for the next three months and got into the material. 

Finally, the day ended like it began with another resume submission. After reviewing a writing sample from the applicants and the holidays are over, I'll start the year conducting interviews.

I've never been so excited in my life and my journey has only just begun! ;D