A Sophisticate hires AmyLynn's Cleaning Service

"Let us make your home shine and you smile." AmyLynn

My mother loved to clean and taught me the meaning of a clean house. She had high expectations of me and mainly I barely passed the test. Having a full time and part time job, involved with extra circular activities at work, and finally, normal every day errands, a clean house was low on the priority list. There is only a certain level of energy a person can expend and dealing with everything I had was starting to take a toll. With a cat that shed and the knowledge that cleaning services cost a lot of money because of the services and the materials you have to buy and provide I avoided it.

Then, I moved into a new house. A new house, a new start, a new opportunity to ensure that my house continued to shine and look as beautiful as it did when I first walked into the house.

When I arrived in my new house I met the women who made my house shine. They were kind and we talked about the cleaning materials I would need to clean. Everything was so gorgeous I wanted it to keep it that way. They were very nice and said they lived near by. When I heard their price estimate, the fact they brought their own cleaning materials, and that I trusted them  I knew hiring them would be worth it.

Every time I step into my house after they clean, it smells clean. It is more then everything looking beautiful or the smell of everything looking clean, it is the smell of relief and comfort.

AmyLynn, the woman behind the cleaning service had been doing this for many years mainly for my friends and family. Then a few years ago her the father of her child passed away two days before Christmas and her whole world changed. In an instant, she knew she had to take earning money seriously and provide a future and security  for my kids.  

With the flair for cleaning and making everything beautiful around her for other,  she knew she had to make it work and how to accomplish that goal. 

Fortunately, she found out very quickly that she was not going to have a hard time finding customers. In a quick amount of time she had to find trusty reliable help and that fortunately she was lucky in finding them. AmyLynn's goal when she was hiring people was to think of her customers home as her own and asked herself when she interviewed them who she would be comfortable with having inside her home. 

AmyLynn's Cleaning Services include Delaware, Chester, Montgomery, Bucks, and Philadelphia counties.

AmyLynn's Cleaning Services are based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. They offer a wide variety of services including; one time cleans, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and deep cleaning services. We also handle small office cleaning. 

The goal or purpose of AmyLynn's Cleaning Service is to welcome the opportunity to earn the trust of others that might be a client and deliver them the best service in the industry.

Knowing what a clean house is supposed to look like from the high level of detail my mother always ensured for my house growing up, I appreciate how AmyLynn is focused on the details when cleaning thereby providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction.  From the results that are achieved at my house month after month they  do everything they can to meet your expectations and go beyond. AmyLynn's Cleaning Service has over 10 years of experience and reliability. 

Every month when I walk into my house, I am so grateful and happy for the fact that I found this cleaning service. No other could match the quality. From my mother, I know the details of a clean house and know that she cleans to perfection. The details,  the amount of work, the price, the convenience she provides her clients by bringing her own cleaning materials, and most importantly the trust you have in her, is priceless.

AmyLynn's Cleaning Service the chance to help me take care of other important priorities in my life. With her busy schedule I look forward to every appointment she provides me and am eternally grateful for the service when coming home every month after each visit. They are so good my goal is one day work hard enough to have them come every week instead of every month.

Sophistication in the 21st Century means caring for others. AmyLynn Cleaning Service provides the kind of results that show that she truly cares about your home as if it were her own. In the end, with AmyLynn's ambition, the trust and professionalism she conveys toward her clients, forget about making your house shine, she makes your home sparkle ;D.