A Sophisticate is an Entrepreneur

Elizabeth Holmes
"Being something other than an entrepreneur is being someone other than yourself." Sophisticate in the Suburbs

The first time I was introduced to being an Entrepreneur was when I was getting my Masters Degree. For an Ethics class I researched the Disney Company and read Walt Disney's biography. My paper didn't turn out as well as the education or motivation I received from the biography. 

Coupled with joining Femfessionals, I was fascinated by the freedom that being an entrepreneur provided. On the other hand,  being an entrepreneur seemed hard with the  lack of security and daily reminder that there is no guarantee of success.

"It's supposed to be hard. If it wasn't hard everyone would do it. The hard... is what makes it great" from the movie 'A League of Their Own' 

When I could identify with was the idea of creating something that is an extension of yourself and the desire to share it with the world. 

"What I really want out of life is to discover something new; something mankind didn't know was possible to do." Elizabeth Holmes 

The goal of Walt Disney was not to make money, his goal was to accomplish something no one had ever done. His goal was to make a place for adults to believe and be as happy as children whether it be on film or at an amusement park. In the  beginning, every penny he earned went back into the Company. When success was his, he wanted to finance Disneyland by taking out a second mortgage on his house. 

"To be a visionary is to imagine something no one else can see. To have vision is to be able to articulate what you see in a strategy." Sophisticate in the Suburbs

A Sophisticate as an entrepreneur is someone who is fiercely independent, a risk taker, an adventurer, and someone who doesn't quite 'fit in'. They have an imagination and can see what others can't see. a visionary who wants a part of themselves on display for others to see, take part of, and enjoy. 

Entreprenurialship is when creativity meets results. (A Sophisticate is Creative). Creative whether it be as an artist  (A Sophisticate is an Artist) or someone who is an engineer (A Sophisticate is an Engineer).

The meaning behind being an entrepreneur for a Sophisticate is not just to create a career she loves but to protect something that is valuable inside her heart. Her passion and hope is stronger than any fear and the reality of failure (A Sophisticate is a Failure

"The minute you have a back-up plan, you've admitted you're not going to succeed" Elizabeth Holmes 

A Sophisticate creates what is in her heart for the world to see. She takes a chance on adventure and risks failure. In the end, a Sophisticate is an entrepreneur because she takes a chance on herself and risks being in love with herself and her career. ;D