Sophisticate at "V" Fitness: Session One: The Start

Me and Trainer Todd Kleinfelter 
For my first official session at Vertex Fitness and I was excited. As soon as I left Vertex Fitness I began shopping for the shortest, cutest dresses possible. I’m not sure what it was but the confidence level I had in how good I was going to look was immediately apparent right after my workout. I was also a little nervous. The complimentary session was so effective that I was sore for three days afterword. Although it snowed, Dwayne gave me no excuse not to come. Isn’t that what an effective trainer does? He motivates. 

When I got there I was bursting with energy. Poor Todd, I talked more than usual because I was so excited.

Why was I so excited? I knew the effectiveness of the workout. The trainers are friendly and even waiting for my session was comfortable to talk with them as if they were good friends.

After my complimentary session, I felt the muscles in my legs. The same muscles in my legs Todd had promised I would feel. I didn’t have to stretch (Stretching) and we did the same session as the complimentary session.

Coming from a Six Sigma background, I feel excited that Vertex Fitness utilizes a standardized method to work out. With the same routine as the complimentary session, for some magical reason instead of my legs hurting, my arms felt weak when I left. I knew that was sign my muscles were tired and were going to be sore the next day. Soreness is good because that means it’s effective. That night, for dinner I made sure my meal had a lot of protein to support the muscles I just tired out during my workout.

The trainers encourage, support, and help. My form improved unfortunately, I didn’t do as many repetitions as the complimentary session. I was disappointed only because they help you want to do more.  Next time with session two, my motivation is to follow through with better form and more repetitions.