A Sophisticate and Gemma's Pilates

"I go the extra mile for you, and am right there with you every step of the way." Gemma Pagliei

Gemma Pagliei is an independent private Pilates teacher, teaching on the Main Line in Ardmore, PA.  

If you’re looking for a whole-body exercise that builds long, lean muscles and strengthens the all-important core, then Gemma’s Pilates & Movement Training is for you.  With attention to the breath and mind, Pilates trains the body as an integrated whole, improving strength, flexibility, and joint range of motion. Plus, Gemma incorporates her knowledge of not only Pilates, but of yoga, dance, gymnastics and other movement techniques, to give you the best, personalized training for your body. With Gemma’s expertise and skill, she is able to adapt workouts to many fitness levels, from the senior to the serious athlete.

Gemma's goal when people come to study with her is to teach them the Pilates Method and other movement techniques as effectively as  she can, and help them overcome whatever physical issues or problems they feel are inhibiting their movement and therefore their lives.

Pilates is a method of corrective, non-impact exercise designed to stretch, strengthen, and balance the body. Known as the Pilates Method, the system was developed by German-born fitness expert Joseph H. Pilates, in the early 20th century. 

"Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness." Joseph Pilates 

When I first met Gemma at a Femfessionals luncheon (A Sophisticate is Femfessional), she was vivacious and eager. There was a sense of adventure about her allowing her to make friends easily. She was there to make quality connections... She had amazing eye contact and was kind. We talked about potentially working together and she e-mailed me immediately after the event. Because we hit it off so well and I was intrigued by what she does, I decided to take a Pilates lesson with her.

Gemma first found out about Pilates in the late 1980's.  She was an actor at the time, taking a class in the Alexander Technique (a movement method), at a dance studio in Center City Philadelphia.  In the studio, there was also Pilates equipment.  Though that was her first exposure to Pilates, she wasn't actually able to study The Method until 1997.

A former amateur dancer, when Gemma finally had the opportunity to study Pilates, she hadn't danced for a long time.  Her ballet teacher had always advised against weight training for dancers, saying it decreased one's flexibility and developed tight, bulky muscles.  

She had read about 'The Pilates Method', and articles began to catch her attention since first having seen the equipment.  Joseph Pilates was reported to have worked closely with dancers for strength and rehab training.  The Pilates Method was reputed to develop a long, lithe body, which was both flexible and strong.

When Gemma saw the positive differences the Pilates Method can make in people's lives, she became determined to share the technique with them, and began teacher training in 1999.  She began teaching professionally in 2000, and in 2004 opened her own private practice, which she named "Gemma's Pilates and MovementTraining.

Gemma decided to go out on her own so she could have more freedom to develop her own style of teaching, and incorporate more of the techniques she learned from other movement disciplines.  Thus, the second half of the name: "and Movement Training." She has now been teaching for fifteen years.  She began studying yoga in 2000 and teaching it in 2006.

When Gemma teaches, she pulls knowledge from her personal experience of all the movement techniques she has studied, plus theatre movement, acting and vocal training. 

"With my broad movement background and the communication skills I developed through acting, I knew I possessed an excellent ability to communicate the details of the Method, and most importantly, break it down so other people could understand it." Gemma Pagliei

Many people give up on taking Pilates, yoga and other movement classes because they can't perform the movements or grasp the details, and nobody takes the time to explain it and teach them what they're missing.  That's what Gemma enjoys giving to people – the extra time to make sure they are comfortable and can understand and do the exercises. 

"When you fully understand what you are being asked to do, then you can master it." Gemma Pagliei

Recently, Gemma created a video series called "De-Stress at Your Desk."  It is a series of short videos demonstrating stretches that can be done at your desk to alleviate neck, back and joint pain.

As community service, Gemma is offering the series to the public for free.  To watch it, click on this link to visit the "Gemma's Videos" page on her website: http://gemmaspilates.com/videos.html.

During my lesson with Gemma, she helped me understand the exercises of Pilates. The exercises were challenging yet, with Gemma's step-by-step approach, she provided me with the best education for my body, my movements, and the proper way to breathe. 

A Sophisticate studies with Gemma's Pilates andMovement Training because like Gemma Pagliei herself, she keeps her body in good working order to keep herself healthy. In the end, a Sophisticate increases her wellness as well as her fitness through the achievement of strength and flexibility and improved posture. ;D 

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