A Sophisticate is a Cowgirl

"You're gonna have to hold on tight, because this rodeo is just getting started." Joya Ryan 'Chasing Trouble'

Life is rodeo. Every life is lived trying to deal with tough times and obstacles. If you aren't tough, ready to be thrown from a horse now and again, success is impossible.  A story that I've been writing off and on for the past ten years about my life is fictional representation of a woman living in the old west. My life coupled with the westerns I grew up watching like 'The Magnificent Seven', 'Centennial' (TV miniseries based on the novel by James Michener) 'Silverado', 'Young Guns', and 'Young Guns II' inspired me to write my story.

In westerns, what distinguishes the "good guys" from the "bad guys" is the higher confidence they have in themselves coupled with a better sense of right and wrong. Cowboys understand that the consequences of their actions define the outcome. They experience defeat but they didn't let it define them. In fact in westerns obstacles and failures allow them to gain a higher confidence level that help them win. 

In 'Young Guns' I admired Billy the Kid because he never apologized for his talent or tried to hide it. He was small and unassuming yet he used that to his advantage. He was at times overconfident yet people liked him and did their best to protect him. After watching a biography, I realized that maybe like Billy the Kid or like everyone else I wanted to belong somewhere where I was loved yet at the same time yearned for freedom. All I wanted to do growing up, is to jump on a horse and ride into the sunset to live my life.

The reality is riding a horse could end your life. The harsh realities and obstacles in life could destroy a Sophisticate.Therefore, a Sophisticate must be a cowgirl and overcome those obstacles with ease.There are times that require her to 'Cowgirl-Up'

A Sophisticate is aware of the reality of life. She is aware of the price that paid with a certain level of freedom. She knows when learning to ride a horse, it takes confidence, practice, courage, and a sensitivity of understanding human nature or animals aka 'horse sense'. Still, for a Sophisticate the thrill of accomplishment or the accomplishment of riding a horse at full speed in the open range is like being on a boat in the middle of the ocean. The sun, the openness, and the freedom are priceless.

"Courage is being scared to death.... and saddling up anyway." John Wayne

Being thrown or presented with an obstacle doesn't slow a cowgirl down.  She has a kind and big heart but she has attitude. She knows she is the best and isn't afraid to show it or apologize.  A Sophisticate doesn't have to prove that she is the best but she has no fear to show it and entertain the crowd with her talents. She proves it with her performance and who she is that she is the best. To mean that she is better than any man or woman because  the competition is with herself every hour of every day.

"Grit- Sticking it out in the face of obstacles and setbacks. Perseverance in order to achieve a long term goal." Unknown

A Sophisticate is a cowgirl because she has grit. She has perseverance to make sure any job is done right. She wears jeans like she would wear an evening dress and dirt from her hard work like a badge of honor.

"Boots & Bling. That's a cowgirl's thing" Unknown

Boots are heavy and so are the thoughts and life of a cowgirl. She must be able to bear the weight of life like the weight of her boots with grace. Similar to a diamond, a cowgirl is a lump of coal that with hard work in response to pressure becomes a diamond (A Sophisticate is a Diamond).

A Sophisticate as a cowgirl wears her hat like her sunglasses (A Sophisticate and her Sunglasses). Beyond protection from the sun, her personal sense of privacy is found when she wears her hat.  Her hat is her protection from the outside world and represents who she is in the style and color. 

Beyond privacy she also has a sense adventure and longs for freedom. A Sophisticate can never be tied down for too long. The more you tie her down the more she will want to break free. She is loyal to those who allow her to fight and ride off into the sunset. 

Those dreams include a man and achievement of her goals. She is the boss of her own life (A Sophisticate is a CEO). A Sophisticate doesn't follow her dreams, she chases them down by and with whatever means necessary. Her dreams are her goals. Her goals are the only thing she she chases down. When she is not chasing her dreams she is laid back, soft, sweet, genteel, and calm.

Since she has grit a Sophisticate comes with a slight edge to her personality. She doesn't back down in a fight and the cowboy of her dreams is one who has her back, fights, and rides alongside her into the sunset. Still, the battles,  goals, and journey of a Sophisticate is hers and hers alone. Her journey is solitary yet fulfilling because she is free and in charge.

What makes a Sophisticate a cowgirl is her attitude (A Sophisticate has Attitude). She knows she is the best and recognizes the best in others as well. A cowgirl has manners (A Sophisticate has Manners). She is no less or better than anyone else. Her attitude or confidence does not get in the way of treating others with kindness and respect. 

In the end, a Sophisticate is a cowgirl because she is tough enough to chase down her dreams beside the man of her dreams, with kindness and plenty of attitude. ;D