A Sophisticate is "Wonder' ful"

"A true hero is not measured by the size of his strength, but the strength of his heart" from the Disney movie 'Hercules' (1997)

I grew up watching She-Ra "Princess of Power" and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They were attractive women who had superpowers. I was grateful to have grown up with such powerful, fictional role models. In She-Ra, powerful female role models were also villains as well.  Especially Buffy the Vampire Slayer, whenever I felt bullied or abused, watching her was empowering. As I grew up, I was lucky to find someone who loved me and who I could love in return. His love makes me feel powerful, strong, and invincible.

Before there was She-Ra Princess of Power and Buffy the Vampire, way before Katniss Everdeen was Wonder Woman. In the 70's, the TV Shows Charlies Angels and Wonder Woman with Lynda Carter Show showed women kicking butt for the first time. They were not wallflowers. She-Ra, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or even Katniss Everdeen wouldn't have existed without Wonder Woman. 

"Wonder Woman was one of only a few symbols of womanhood who could be considered strong enough to win so big a battle. And she was enjoying a revival in the 1970's. In 1972, Gloria Steinem and the cofounders of Ms. magazine picked Wonder Woman to be the cover girl of its first issue" (Wonder Woman: The Weird, True Story by Sarah Kerr)

In the 21st Century, the symbol of Wonder Woman but the meaning has changed. Love is one of major obstacles in the harsh reality of the world today. Where is Wonder Woman today? What does Wonder Woman fight against? Why is Wonder Woman such powerful symbol? How does Wonder Woman gain her superhuman strength?

Who is Wonder Woman and why is a Sophisticate 'Wonder'ful? Simply put, a Sophisticate is a superhero. She is has a magic lasso (A Sophisticate is a Cowgirl) and is a superhero. Her secret identity? A government agent or businesswoman, she becomes a warrior princess (A Sophisticate is a Warrior; . A Sophisticate goes from focused and professional to untamed with one key ingredient, she is powerful. A Sophisticate is powerful both inside her heart with her resolve and with her strength when she works out to get physically fit. 

A Sophisticate evokes wonder in people. People look up to her because they respect her as a person not because she has super strong arms or magic bracelets that deflect attacks. 

Without magic bracelets she faces attacks from others or obstacles and overcomes them (A Sophisticate has No Fear; A Sophisticate is Resilient).  She evokes wonder because of the strength of her heart and the respect she gains from others because of her kindness. 

There is nothing more "Wonder'ful"  about a Sophisticate than her personality. 

The personality of a Sophisticate is her most powerful weapon against her enemies. In the 21st Century, she is emotionally intelligent she has nothing to prove to anyone except herself. Without the need of approval from others, she is unstoppable and powerful in her own right. 

A Sophisticate is a superhero because she has the power of love on her side.  From the love she gives towards others, the love she has for herself and the love that exists in her heart it gives her the superhuman strength of character and personality. In the end, a Sophisticate is Wonder Woman  because she is every woman. A Sophisticate is "Wonder'ful" because she creates wonder with the strength of her love. ;D