Sophisticate at "V" Fitness: Session Three - New Trainer

When scheduling the third session Vertex Fitness supported the  flexibility of my schedule by letting me know Matt, the second trainer, would lead my session.

Since their routine is standardized this  meant that in future sessions the  time frame was up to me, not them. I was really excited for my third session. My increased energy and the results from the first three sessions (including the complimentary session) was at its’ height.

Like Todd, Matt made sure my form was good and similar to Todd explained the rationale of what my form aimed to help my muscles accomplish.

Based on my progress two exercises were added. The first exercise added was called Hanging Hip Flexion and the second was Leg Press. According to  Matt my trainer, the Leg Press was an opposing movement to the Hanging Hip Flexion.

By the third session I’m feeling more confident to wear shorter dresses. In the end, instead of feeling self-conscious I’m feeling self-confident in myself and with my body. ;D