Sophisticate at "V" Fitness: Session Four - Warming Up

My fourth session was one that I looked forward to with anticipation. My focus was not as it should be during the day. I knew that working out would help me focus. Exercising helps shed the negative energy ofthe day. The warm-up I do is five minutes on the bike. That’s enough to clear my head to get ready to exercise and gives my muscles a littlewarm up to have the ability to workout safely, but not too much tomake them too tired to be able to get the most from the program. 

The  studio  is  becoming  a  place  not  just  to  work  out  but  enjoyconversation with the trainers.  Today I worked with Todd. We, again, started with the hanging hip flexion, moving to the abs, followed by the lower body then finishing with the upper body.

There are some exercises I understand and can perform better then others. During our session both Todd and I started talking about my weak spots.  Due to the standardized exercises we are both able to recognize that my lower back needs to get stronger so I can hold theposture I need to make the exercises safe and most effective. 

In my next session, Todd let me know they would be adding another exercise to my routine. ;D