Sophisticate at "V" Fitness Session Five: When Irish Eyes are Smiling

Vertex Fitness provides a systematic strength training program that teaches the proper form to get the most benefit out of your workout. When people ask me about why I have been lifting weights, the answer is because I want to spare my bones and joints.

Sparing my body from activities such as running will help prevent me from having to do to the Doctor when I’m old with worn out joints and weak muscles that aren’t strong enough to support me.

As the trainer Dwayne Wimmer, who is also the owner of Vertex Fitness, took me through my exercises he provided an education about the benefit of strength training for improving your bone density. As a woman I have to be wary of osteoporosis as I age. To reduce the effects of osteoporosis and the aging process, I drink milk and focus on strengthening my whole body, muscles and bones. Strength training is an essential part of the process. He explained that our bones porous like a sponge and they need the overload of strength training to be so the body has a need to maintain and even increase the bone’s strength.

Being that this was my fifth session, the learning curve of the exercises that I’m performing is taking place. Each exercise works the major muscles and both sides of the joints in my body. Why is this important? To create balance, you don’t want your biceps (front of your upper arm) to be stronger than your triceps (back end of your upper arm). Without a balanced workout the joints would not be as stable and it would look weird to have one side of my arm looking better then the other, that would just look bad.

My fifth session was St. Patricks Day. The results are making my body look and feel great which making me happy. So happy in fact, that my Irish eyes were smiling during and after the workout. ;D