Sophisticate at "V" Fitness Session Six: Vertex Fitness Has My Back

As a blogger or social media writer I spend hours at my desk on the computer. I’m nodifferent then most people who spend hours at their desk.  Before I started Vertex Fitness, I had to use a cushioned pillow for my back while I worked since of the sideeffects of aging is lower back. 

Fitness is about being proactive. What I noticed after session #2 was that I didn’tneed a  pillow for  my  back anymore.  I  could spend hours  at  my desk  without  acushion in fact, I actually forgot about it.  My posture was getting better.

The day before session six,  I  put together a small  but intricate cabinet.  As I  wasleaning and bending over  I  felt  stiffness setting in my neck and shoulders.  Afterassembling the cabinet, I found my lower back to be very stiff, as well. I was worried about my session the next day. Would I be okay to work out? During my session anew exercise was to be added called the rotary torso. This exercise rotates the bodyagainst  resistance  around  the  midsection;  with  my  low  back  being stiff  you can imagine my hesitation. The rotary torso specifically targets the internal and external oblique muscles,  the muscles on both sides of  the body below the rib cage.  The movement was so focused on my obliques, it didn’t faze my low back at all, it fact, mylow back felt  better  when I  finished the exercise.  The rest  of  my work I  had no thoughts toward my back or neck except to be sure my form was correct to focus onstrengthening those areas.

Exercises at Vertex Fitness have helped my lower back, neck, and shoulders becomestrong enough where they are no longer a problem.  I used to get massages to workout the knots built up from tension. Instead of massages to get out the pain now I go just to relax. Instead of buying back pillows or a new chair, the work out regime hashelped reduce or eliminate any back pain through better posture do to the strength. I finished the work-out with a glass of chocolate milk. Inexpensive and found in my refrigerator chocolate milk is one of, if not the best after work-out drinks. ;D