Sophisticate at "V" Fitness: Session Nine: Progress

I was bounding with energy by session nine.  I couldn’t believe that I had reached session nine. It’s amazing how fast it went. The reason it went so fast was because of the enjoyment of going to Vertex Fitness. The companionship that the trainers provide and results of the exercises have made the sessions fly by.

The hardest exercise for me is the one we start with, I call it leg lifts, it is for my hip flexors and is very important in keeping balanced strength throughout my hips.  It is always the first exercise just before abdominals. Today was progress. I was able to lift my legs like I had never been able to before. My form had to be corrected slightly but I was not worried at all.  I have noticed progress over the first 8 sessions, especially on this exercise.  I can feel I have gotten stronger and thorough the patient instruction of all of the staff at Vertex, I have learned how to perform the exercise correctly so I get the most from the time I spend. 

I’m sad, my next session will be my tenth and the end of this series.  The staff at Vertex are more then just my trainers, they are friendly and true professionals.  I have learned a lot from them and I know they will be there for me moving forward to help me with my exercise needs.