Sophisticate at "V" Fitness: Session Ten: The end or the beginning?

I was really sad to be going to my tenth and final session of this series at Vertex Fitness.  It brings this chapter of my blog to an end.  This experience was more than just reaching a higher level of fitness or the better health I achieved.  It was the trainers I worked with, the friendship I created and the total experience I had at Vertex each week. Matt and Todd became like my brothers. Dwayne has, and will always have, a special place in my entrepreneurial heart.  I see him as a mentor, a friend, and someone I enjoy talking with because of the open and candid conversations.  He has helped me understand my life long fitness journey and how to get started on my quest to be an entrepreneur.  He is not just a fitness guru but also a teacher of fitness and business.  I am happy to be part of the Vertex Fitness family.

What I learned about exercise versus fitness has altered my perspective on physical activity forever.  I have been shown the top of the line of what it means to get physically conditioned and I can never look back. Through this process, I realized that a properly designed strength training program would increase cardiovascular efficiency and improve flexibility along with systematically strengthen my whole body.  I no longer need to spend hours and hours in a gym to try to achieve these results.  From now on the only form of steady state activity I will do is a long, enjoyable walk. It is eye opening to realized there is no need for those extended bouts of cardio or stretch just to stretch. It is not necessary if you know how to effectively train and develop your whole body.  A safe, efficient, effective, evidence-based strength training program is the key to progress when you want to look and feel better.

I started at Vertex Fitness when I started as an entrepreneur. The journey has been one of strength and improvement.  This experience has helped me grow mentally and emotionally, not just physically, as one may expect.  I will continue using techniques I learned to achieve peak performance in everything I do the rest of my life.

Thank You Vertex. ;D