Sophisticate in "V" Fitness: Session Seven: My Song

When a person sings, the diaphragm is what is important. You need the strengthfrom your lungs and diaphragm. to hit high notes.  More importantly, as a singer youneed the endurance from the strength of your diaphragm to hold the note for as longas it calls for (1/2 beat (2 seconds) or whole beat (4 seconds)). 

Form is  very important  while  exercising.  If  you don’t  have  good  form,  you can’texpect to perform well enough to increase the weight and increase your strength. Although, the sit-up exercise has been tough for me it has worked to increase thestrength of my diaphragm. My voice was impeccable in High School. In High School I was running on the trackteam, playing soccer, and was in Karate. It was no wonder that my voice returned toold form when I began working out at Vertex Fitness. 

After  Session  Seven  my  range  is  good  enough  to  start  practicing  and  work  onfulfilling  another  dream  of  mine  beyond  starting  my  own  Company.  Thank  you Vertex Fitness for helping me achieve my dream to perform on stage and sing my song ;D