A Sophisticate is a Butterfly

"Like a butterfly I am growing and changing and finding my true colors in life. I am finding my wings so I can fly and soon be on my way" Unknown

On my birthday I went to go see the movie 'The Age of Adeline'. At 29 the main character in the movie is in a horrible car crash that makes her immortal Being that I was in a head on collision at 29 and it opened on my birthday, I felt as if the universe was giving me a sign. As I watched the movie, I knew what the universe was trying to tell me.

"Unable are the loved to die for love is immortality" Emily Dickinson

Adeline was afraid to live and love. Adeline lived but didn't have a life. In effect, the character lived in a cocoon of her own making. Maybe that is what made her immortal.

There are times in her life that a Sophisticate creates a cocoon of her making.  The harshness of life and reality stops her from living. At some point, due to the harshness of life it turns her inward. The more fear she has the more she hides and the tighter she wraps herself up in a cocoon. That cocoon surrounds her with what she thinks or believes is safe and secure.

"If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies" Unknown

The cocoon is okay until the cocoon starts to become detrimental to her growth.

A caterpillar was not meant to stay in the cocoon. A caterpillar was meant to become more than what was expected. It is the time of hibernation that makes a caterpillar grow stronger and become more beautiful. 

According to the laws of nature a cocoon is not the end. Being in a cocoon is not the goal. A cocoon is a sign of growth and the step before the launch of something better. Whether or not a caterpillar is afraid to leave the cocoon it has no choice. 

A Sophisticate understands and abides to the natural rhythm of life. She also follows and abides to the natural rhythm of her life. How does she do that? She follows her intuition.   

When does a Sophisticate know the cocoon has stopped being safe and good for her? When she becomes sad, angry, or anxious. When her sadness, anger, and feelings of anxiety become so bad she is stressed and feels as if they are suffocating a Sophisticate knows it's time to leave her cocoon.  

The theme of 'The Age of Adeline'? The ability to let go.

A Sophisticate let's go. She let's go of fear, doubt, and worry. She let's go of the harshness of life. She let's go of whatever caused her pain in her own life. A Sophisticate has many more than one life. Like the character of Adeline she is ageless, immortal, her heart and spirit will live forever.  When a Sophisticate let's go she is able to move towards love and everything good that life has to offer. 

When she let's go, she flies and makes the impossible possible. 

A Sophisticate has beautiful wings that stretch and shine like the colors of the rainbow. She floats from one goal and accomplishment to another. She is graceful yet, powerful. 

"God changes caterpillars into butterflies, sand into pearls, and coal into diamonds using time and pressure. He is working on you too." Rick Warren 

Like a diamond, a Sophisticate is a butterfly because she because she becomes more than what was expected of her. Only a Sophisticate gets better with time. She  forever young. She is forever ageless and beautiful floating from one accomplishment to another. In the end, a Sophisticate is graceful and unique, a Sophisticate is a butterfly because she let's go of pain and embraces love ;D