A Sophisticate is Pop

"The most famous and popular language is music" Psy

Who doesn't love being popular? When you're popular people want you around all the time. You are the center of attention, smiles are plentiful, and the goal is to have as much fun as possible. 

When a Sophisticate is popular there is a certain level of responsibility. When she is popularity she is a leader, she makes the decisions, decides who and what is "in" and what is out" and she is in control. When a Sophisticate is popular she is the Princess or the Queen.

Pop music stands for popular music. Like being popular, pop music is about giving others or the audience what they like and want. Pop music is about how everything appears or sounds. The venue that heightens the appeal of pop music is the visual component or medium.

With the responsibility of giving others or the audience what they want there is a certain responsibility. That responsibility is the form of being the trendsetter when it comes to fashion whether it be clothing or hairstyles or accessories.

When Cyndi Lauper and Madonna first appeared on the music scene, their outfits were different. Also their appearance seemed slightly Punk, their music was something you could dance to at parties. 

In the 1980's Cyndi Lauper and Madonna sang about women letting loose and having fun. Their videos and performances (A Sophisticate Takes Risks) defined Pop music for women. 

"Pop music doesn't try to make a statement. It is a statement."

Pop music can be misconstrued as manufactured since there is nothing deep about the lyrics or music surrounding the lyrics. Is that really true? In the 1990's Mariah Carey came out with the songs "There's Got to Be a Way" and "Make it Happen". Both songs have dark and sad lyrics overtones yet, the statements are made with an infectious or fun beat and rhythm. 

Whereas blues music has happy lyrics with a sad melody pop music has sad lyrics with a happy melody. Pop music is the direct opposite of blues music. Rock music is attitude and Punk music is defiance with the image it portrays. Rap music is rebellion with the truth of it's lyrics.  Pop music is about fearlessness. 

Pop music gives you confidence, it gives you hope in the future. 

"Pop music itself says "It's okay, I'm okay" Unknown

Being popular means that a Sophisticate is different. She paints sadness with lightness and laughter. She knows that appearance is her strength to become a leader and a trendsetter. She makes a statement and is a statement herself with her attitude. In the end, a Sophisticate is Pop or popular because she is unafraid. ;D