A Sophisticate is Punk

"I'm not sorry for who I am" Hayley Williams 

Growing up in New York, my parents weren't always around. They gave me the freedom to hang out alone with my friends at night. Although a relatively safe neighborhood, I realized quickly  there is nothing "relatively safe" about any neighborhood. There are dangers everywhere. Even the people around you most trust can be the most dangerous. At a young age  I developed what they call "street smarts". One of the things I learned was that some people take advantage of those who are  raised not to get angry or be defiant. 

"People who are 'different' are usually the ones that end of making a difference in the world" Hayley Williams

Being perfect doesn't protect you, it makes you a target. It's not about seeking imperfection it's about not being afraid to fail (A Sophisticate is a Failure). Failure makes you learn, grow and keeps you safe. The willingness not to follow the crowd or be different makes you a leader, not a follower. When a leader is taken from the crowd it's  noticeable and those who want to cause harm want to avoid attention. They don't go after the leader they go after the followers. What protects you and  what will get you out of  danger is your willingness to be different and defiant.

Some people choose to be defiant with their "looks", "attitude", or both.

The character Lisbeth Salander in "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" by Steig Larsson  is the perfect example of a woman with a "Punk" attitude. She was smart and not a bad person but unwilling to conform to the "norm" of society. Lisbeth dressed and said what she wanted. She wasn't afraid to be defiant. Spoiler alert: she saved the day.

"Dumb rules are left for fools/ With no attitude I think my way is cool/ So let me be me and continue be smooth" from the song 'Hat 2 Da Back'  from TLC

Punk is not just music, it's an attitude. Punk is messy and reactionary.  Punk music is not about painting over the ugly parts of anything to show that everything is pretty and perfect. The "mess" is to show the reality of the situation.

"But we're never gonna survive, unless/ We get a little crazy" Seal

A Sophisticate is Punk doesn't need to be 'picture perfect' to be accepted she just needs to be herself, flaws and all (A Sophisticate is Imperfect).  The wrong men will expect a Sophisticate to do what she's told instead of what she wants. A Sophisticate has a little "fight" her (A Sophisticate is a Lioness). A Sophisticate scares boys and is appreciated by the right man. 

"Being that I am the kinda girl that I am/ Nobody can make me what to do what I don't  want to/ I can be myself a lot and I'm proud of what I got/So I'll never change for you" 'Hat 2 Da Back' from TLC 

Punk is about acceptance. Punk is about pride and respect in your choices. It's about a Sophisticate not having to answer to anyone for the decisions she makes. A Sophisticate is proud of who she is and telling everyone to get lost if they don't like what she believes in. 

Unlike Rap music, it's not based in anger bur rather in defiance. Punk music is about the unwillingness to accept the "norm" of society. Whether a Sophisticate has  all white, all blue, or rainbow hair, she is the only one to determine whether it's acceptable or not. 

In the video 'Rapture' Blondie introduced or showed a new genre called "Rap" music (A Sophisticate Raps). Rap music was not mainstream and not a lot of people knew about it. It was "taboo", risky, and therefore perfect for a punk artist. 

Taking safe risks (A Sophisticate Takes Risks) and going outside your comfort zone makes you successful. Your willingness to go on the edge of sanity keeps you happy, safe, and alive. Punk music is tiptoeing that line of normal and crazy. It's about being yourself and doing what you feel like.  

"To those who tell you that you're no good, they're no better" Hayley Williams

A Sophisticate is Punk because she does what she wants and is who she is with no apologies (A Sophisticate Never Apologies).  In the end, a Sophisticate isn't afraid to be defiant or different because she has unconditional love for herself.  Her opinion is the only one that matters in her life ;D