The Heartstrings of a Sophisticate
"You are the sun/ I am the moon/ You are the words/ I am the tune/ Play me" from the song 'Play Me' by Neil Diamond 

What makes a Sophisticate excited while listening or even watching someone play the guitar? One is the love for the musician and second, is love for the lyrics. 

There is a difference between love and attraction and a connection vs. chemistry (Connection vs. Chemistry). Once she feels or knows a connection between her and the musician then the possibility of magic can begin.

When listening to a song, the quickest and easiest way for me to turn from "like" to "love" is the use of string instruments. The moment I hear an acoustic guitar or violin being played in a song, my heartstrings flutter. Even the  use of banjo makes me love a song. An example of the beauty of banjo can be s heard in the song "Shine" on the album "Little Sparrow" by Dolly Parton (A Sophisticate Goes Country).

What about an acoustic guitar or violin being played live? When it comes to moving from "like" to "love" in a relationship, the idea of a man playing the guitar to me seemed unrealistic. The idea seemed unrealistic because I could never allowed that much intimacy into a relationship. 

The creation of lyrics and notes of a song is the creation of the intimacy between two individuals.

When I accepted my passion and wanted to explore that passion to sing again, I re-discovered desire for intimacy. It was then that I wanted nothing more than someone to sing to me. Why? Because I began to understand how music conveys the feelings of an artist (A Sophisticate is a Songwriter) and creates an intimacy with the audience. 

"The fire that burns between you and me/Everything I'll ever need; The sound of angels when I hear your voice/I surrender, I don't have a choice/The fire that burns between you and me/Everything I'll ever need" from the song 'Everything I'll Ever Need' from the TV  Show Nashville (2012)

The lyrics of a song for a songwriter are personal (A Sophisticate is a Songwriter) and when they are personally directed towards Sophisticate there is nothing more special.  The music strummed on the guitar "play" on her heartstrings. Music is the language of the soul (Love and Music: The  Language of the Soul), and two souls can be brought together through music.  

A song lasts for for a few minutes but love lasts a lifetime. A Sophisticate knows there is a difference between a song being sung to her and a heart who loves her.  

When in love, a Sophisticate knows the music a songwriter or singer creates is merely an extension of who they are, not who they are themselves. True love exists when the music is taken away. True love is when the music can no longer be played and there is no voice left to sing. It is when the artist provides more feeling and emotion than the music could ever touch within her. 

In the end, intimacy is created when music is created. The heart of a Sophisticate beats with passion and skips a beat with love when the music she hears is being played for her. What about her heartstrings? It is the intimate love she has for the heart of an artist that causes the heartstrings of a Sophisticate to be played forever ;D