A Sophisticate Finds Happiness

One day I woke up and I was happy. Not just happy, but really happy. I wasn't sure if I was happy because I was stressed, tired, and worried about the future. Yet other people were noticing the glow about me. 

Where was this happiness coming from? From finding out who I am. I was doing what made me happy and found people who accepted me completely.  Not since I had gone to Villanova University had I felt completely equal with the people around me. Those around me  did not judge me. My new friends saw me at my worst and still thought the best of me. At the same time, caring about someone else was bringing out the best version of myself. The one person who inspired my creativity made me feel important as if I wasn't just another face in the crowd. 

In the movie "The Pursuit of Happyness" (2006) the word happiness is spelled wrong. At the end of the movie you understand the meaning behind the mis-spelling. The reason for the "y" in happiness is because the underlying theme of the movie is shown through the main character of Chris Gardner. Even during your darkest moments you can find happiness There is no "why?" when it comes to being happy. When you are happy, you just are happy. There is explanation, no reason, no justification, necessary why you should be happy. 

How does a Sophisticate find happiness? What is happiness?

In the Spanish movie "Abre Los Ojos" (1997) aka "Open your Eyes" that was remade into the movie "Vanilla Sky" (2001), they talk about happiness. They explain happiness occurs when we fully exist in the present.  

A Sophisticate understands that being happy and to exist in the present is both a blessing and a curse. When she is happy she is fully in the present. The problem is that time goes quickly when she is happy. When time goes fast she forgets to appreciate and recognize how happy she is until it's over.

"Happiness is both a result and indicator of living an authentic life" Sophisticate in the Suburbs 

There was a time when I thought life changed because of random chance. I believed the small  moments that resulted in my life changing were random. They weren't. At the end of my journey with my life coach Andy Kostow CEO of Dream Life Thinking,  I realized that 'Thinking into Results' was merely identifying what I want and what would make me happy. Every decision, every choice, everything I thought or worked for went towards that one goal.

"The expression a woman wears on her face is far more important than the clothes she wears on her back" Dale Carnegie 

Being happy is an indicator of an authentic life. When a Sophisticate hears, sees, or feels something that makes her happy it helps her identify her passion, inspiration, and motivation. It helps her identify her purpose in life. Once a Sophisticate knows what is in her heart she can make decisions that bring her closer to what she wants and her happiness. 

An authentic life is when a Sophisticate is living with herself and her decisions with confidence, focus, fearlessness, and pride. How does a Sophisticate get to an authentic life? She begins when her decisions are presented to her and choices need to be made.

With every decision and choice she asks herself the following three questions:
  • "Does this make me happy?"
  • "Will this do the greatest good for the greatest amount of people?" 
  • "Is this what  I want? Is this moving me towards my goal?"
Whatever her answer is to all three of those questions is  "Yes" then she goes toward that decision. After awhile there will come a point when she will realize that her life has changed but that she is happy.

A Sophisticate has the choice whether to bring in unhappiness in her life or not Her attitude, her impatience, her anger, and her indecision are influences that will go against what makes her happy. They are negative forces, feelings, and  influences that are obstacles to an authentic life and her happiness.

Sometimes a Sophisticate will lose focus or sight of her goal. She loses perspective because of insecurity due to failure (A Sophisticate is a Failure) or allowing outside influences to question what makes her happy. Her imperfections (A Sophisticate is Imperfect) will get in the way on her journey towards her goals. What then that happens, she must remove whatever mask she has on, face reality, revisit her goals and how she can make better decisions to achieve that goal. Finally, she takes actions to make changes and take control (A Sophisticate is Boss).

When a Sophisticate wants to find happiness she is aware of what is around her that makes her happy. To find happiness a Sophisticate looks within herself to understand what makes her happy and why. In the end, when a Sophisticate finds happiness she moves towards it. ;D