A Sophisticate is a 21st Century Suffragette

"To be free is not to have the power to do anything you like; it is to be able to surpass the given toward an open future." Simone De Beauvoir
Before 1920 women wanted the chance to vote for the same reasons the founding fathers wanted to leave England. Women wanted to have a voice and a choice in the government or those who would have the power to determine her future. 
There are only two genders in the world today. Women and men. Both men and women are equal in the fact that they are individuals and human beings. Throughout history, women "suffered" to be seen not as a gender but as an individual and a human being.

"You don't have to be anti-man to be pro-woman." Jane Galvin Lewis

A woman in the 21st Century wants what a woman wanted in the 20th Century ago, respect or equality. She wants to be treated with respect not as if she were special.  She does not want to be worshipped nor does she want to have to beg for attention. Feminism is about loving men not about hating them.  

Feminism is not about protests or hatred, it is about education and focusing on the process rather then individuals. The education that women are individuals.  Feminism any Century is about the education that women or worth no less or no more then men.  

"You should have dreams, you should have visions. Never let any obstacle stop you." Ruth Gruber

A Sophisticate stands up (A Sophisticate Stands Up) for what she believes in because she believes in herself.

The issues a woman faces today are not about voting. In the 20th Century, and during the time of the Suffragette in 1920 it was about the right to have the ability to choose change. For a Sophisticate in the 21st Century  it's about having the appropriate authority or power to create change. 

"Let woman out of the home, let man into it, should be the aim of education. The home needs man, and the world outside needs woman."  Pearl S. Buck

A hundred years ago, a woman couldn't vote, own property, get a job, or obtain an education past elementary school. The opportunities to be autonomous from men was limited if not impossible. An observer might say that women were placed in a glass case. They were stuck in one place at home told to look pretty and remain untouched. They were merely a pretty dolls in a glass case isolated who could see they could see everything around them they were denied.  

Virigina Woolf observed in A Room of One's Own how animal could walk on a college campus yet, she as a human being and female was denied that luxury. The frustration that occurred from that isolation caused many to start speaking up and standing up for what they believed in (A Sophisticate Stands Up)

"Now, we are becoming the men we wanted to marry." Gloria Steinem

Instead of the glass cage, in the 21st Century a woman has merely a glass ceiling. There are a few who have broken that glass ceiling and they are the examples and leaders for the upcoming generation. They are the examples for the women of the next Century or 22nd Century to respect and honor (A Sophisticate is a CEO)

Fast forward 100 years, women can own property, get a job, education is unlimited.  The two issues that face women today are equal pay and the glass ceiling.

The vote mean the CHOICE to gain FREEDOM. The choice to vote for people in power to give them the ability to own property, get a job, and obtain the same education opportunities as men. They wanted the vote so they could have the CHOICE to be independent.

"Feminism is Equality" Sophisticate in the Suburbs

Women have independence but are they financially and positionally independent? Are they free to earn the same amount of money as men and gain the same position or title as men? Women today have the education to get a job and the potential to own property yet, does her job pay enough to continue her upward mobility alone or without the support of a man?

"We must raise both the ceiling and the floor" Cheryl Sandberg

The women of the 21st Century have the obligation to educate ourselves on the past and have a common vision of the future. A Sophisticate stands on the foundation of respect set by the women who struggled in the past. A Sophisticate is a 21st Century Suffragette because she is a leader and an example of respect for the women of the 22nd Century. ;D