A Sophisticate is an Adventuress

"Travel is the journey. Experience is lessons learned. Adventure is the collection of moments  that occur in-between." Sophisticate in the Suburbs

A Sophisticate can travel but that doesn't mean she is adventurous. This past Summer I traveled to eight different states. At the end of it all,  I said that the travel changed my life but that wasn't the truth. What I realized when I thought about it was that it was the moments in-between that changed my life. 

The moments that included but were not limited to my motivation for traveling, the aspects of my personality that were brought out in me based on my location, the people I met along the way, the discussions or interactions with the people around me, and how each place made me feel.  What changed my life was the transformation that occurred while I was on travel.

"A Sophisticate doesn't say 'let's go somewhere' she says 'let's do something'" Sophisticate in the Suburbs

The understanding of what adventure meant didn't stop there. When I moved to Virginia I realized that I didn't know anyone. Had the adventure ended or was it just beginning? Growing up, with each move, I would rediscover a different aspect of myself. Looking back it wasn't actually the move that changed me, it was my perspective, the decisions I made, and the actions I took to make friends and develop a life.

"Adventure is the transformation of oneself from acts of bravery." Sophisticate in Suburbs

A Sophisticate travels but knows that travel is just movement.  She loves adventure because she creates and recognizes the love and lessons learned that occurs from the  collection of moments she experiences. For a Sophisticate, adventure is not climbing a mountain but what she learns about herself when she reaches the peak. For a Sophisticate is not traveling but the love and resulting moments she shares with who she travels with and who she is traveling to see.

"We love because it's the only true adventure" Nikki Giovanni 

Love is the impetus for adventure.  Love comes in many shapes and forms. The love we have for our life and our hobbies. There is also the love we have from the adrenaline from team sports or even extreme sports. In the end, a Sophisticate is an adventuress because of the love she has for herself and others. ;D