The A, B, C's of Sophistication

"A" stands for a Sophisticate "is" and the rest of the alphabet stands for what she could become" Sophisticate in the Suburbs

One day I was looking for decorations for my new house. I was browsing at these cute craft stores with a friend of mine when I saw  huge letters. I love those items that are simple and understated.  The question became what letter? "D" and "P" for Debbie or "S" for Sophisticate? They say everything happens for a reason. There was no "P" and there was no "S".  Without an "S" I realized exactly what I wanted, a letter for my office to put on my desk.  Searching through the store for other styled letters, every "S" I found I didn't like because it just wasn't what I imagined.  What did I imagine?

"When a Sophisticate can't find what she is looking for she creates it" Sophisticate in the Suburbs

In the same shopping area was a Michael's. When I left the store and saw Michaels I knew exactly what to do. If I couldn't find what I was looking for I would create it. As I saw the wooden white letters, I was excited. What would these letters look like? What did my brand Sophisticate, Sophisticate in the Suburbs, and Kitty Sophisticate look like.

A creative person either can imagine what they are looking for or  they need something outside themselves to give them ideas or inspiration. I remembered the images I created with my caricature and my pictures for each brand. Then, like Charlie Chaplin running around in the wardrobe room, I walked around like a mad woman getting the inspiration for what I wanted to do, what I wanted each brand to represent. 

What does each letter mean and what does it represent per my brand?

Kitty Sophisticate = "K"
  • Black letter - 
  • Sparkle Paw - 
    • A kitty's paws 
    • Sophisticate brand and the idea of "sparkling" on social media
  • Black mask- 
    • Representative of my Kitty mask in my picture
    • Sophisticate in the Suburbs is based off of idea or value removing one's mask to show the REAL you 
  • Red Bow - 
    • Similar to the couch in the picture
    • Red bow represents my support of FACE Africa 
    • Red bow represents me being a fan of Alabama college football
    • Red bow represents the Ryman Auditorium part of my inspiration for Music Row
    • Purple bow represents my support of Cheryl's Voice
    • Purple bow represents the purple in support of The Joy of Sox

Sophisticate in the Suburbs = "S"
  • Pink letter and pink bows- 
    • Baby Pink is the social media site's signature color
    • The color of my argyle sweater in the caricature is pink
  • Argyle print
    • Sweater print and social media site pattern as the background
    • The argyle shape is a diamond. A diamond represents "sparkling" on social media. Also, a diamond is my birthstone.

Sophisticate = "S"
The bows are both up front as if to represent a trendier look for a trendy  new type of company 

Sophisticate on  Music Row = "M" or "R"
  • Red letter -
    • "R" for Row or the Ryman Auditorium the inspiration behind the blog or "M" for Music aka what the blog is all about
    • Red represents the hat bought for/in my picture for Music Row
    •  Red represents me being a fan of Alabama college football
    • Red bow represents the Ryman Auditorium part of my inspiration for Music Row
    • Red represents my support of FACE Africa 
    • Red represents me being a fan of Alabama college football
  • Black Bow and Smaller letter "M" or "R" -
  • Sparkle Music Notes - 
    • Sophisticate brand and the idea of "sparkling" on social media

Last but leas, I love wearing bows. I wear bows when I'm relaxed, happy, and feeling cute.  I wear my headband when I am ready for business. The bows were "me" my cuteness and personality right on each letter representing my business. 

The only color left out is blue for my kinship with Alice in Wonderland, my love of my favorite sports teams including Villanova college basketball team, Indianapolis Colts NFL football team, and Nashville Predators NHL hockey team. In the end, if I were to create a "D" for Debbie it probably would be blue, black, and white. The "A, B, C's of Sophistication are merely the A, B, C's of who I am and what organizations have shown me with their leadership what I want to become. ;D