The True Feeling of Love
“If you only get hypoglycemia around one person, the chances are actually much greater that you might be falling in love than that you have suddenly contracted a nasty sugar condition.”  Plum Sykes from 'Bergdorf Blondes'

One of my favorite books is 'Bergdorf Blondes'.  It was one of the few books that made me laugh out loud.  Throughout the story, the one man she eventually falls in love with, makes her feel sick as if she had an illness like hypoglycemia. I thought that was strange. What I seen of love was nothing resembling sickness. Pictures and experience had only taught me that love was something that was like a dream. Love sickness meant being obsessed.This description of love didn't make sense.

Then one day, without warning I saw someone for the first time who made a fictional story, real.  The feeling went beyond being tongue tied. It went to point of feeling as if the wind had been knocked out of me.  I was so nervous my hand shook.  My entire whole body felt like the all the blood had been drained. Nervousness was replaced by pure panic and shock. 

Has that feeling gotten better? No. No matter when I saw them or how much  I've got to know him, that feeling hasn't gone away. It's wonderful to feel and I feel so lucky to feel that nervous around someone. I wanted it to continue and I discovered that  to feel that level of excitement is what makes life worth living. 

"Love is  when you feel as if you have a rare disease." 

Especially in the beginning if a Sophisticate is not nervous, she is  not really interested in the other person. Over time, it fades into a tight pinch  in the stomach every time you look at the other person. It evolves into something deeper, something indescribable, and something unconditional. Being away from them is like being asleep and you are awake only when you are with that person. 

This feeling is what carries you  married to them for ten, twenty, thirty, and forty years.Pink Flag: f you don't have this feeling of being sick leave that person immediately.

What causes the  feeling as if the blood has drained from your body? Your soul. Your heart beats and your soul yearns. It is your soul telling you that it has met its' mate. It is your soul telling you the only cure is affection. (A Sophisticate Finds her Soulmate)  

How do you know when a man loves a woman? How do you know a marriage will go the distance? The husband after years is nervous around her. because he admires, respects, and most importantly cares about her happiness. 

True love is falling in love with someone you admire. In the end, true love is the feeling of pure panic and feeling ill. because only true love is pure bliss that makes life worth living.   ;D