A Sophisticate Get's Over Herself

"What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us" Ralph Waldo Emerson 

When I was a teenager,  I was feeling depressed. I am creative, emotional, and can be oversensitive  at times. These traits lend themselves for me to move towards the dramatic and melodramatic in my words and actions. As I was moping on the couch being a "drama queen", my mother looked at me square in the eyes and said "You know the best way to feel better? Get up and do something nice for someone else." 

As she walked away I was shocked.How could she be so insensitive? Then I realized she wasn't being insensitive she was being honest and realistic. 

At that moment I realized I was focusing too much on my own problems. What were my problems compared to others?  There were people worse off then me who needed cheering up. She was right. Why focus on my problems when I could be expending the same time and energy helping others?

At the time, I thought my mom was being mean or insensitive. As it turned out she gave me the answer to making myself feel better or happy whenever I felt sad. From then on whenever I start feeling sad or depressed, I started thinking about what I could do to help others more specifically a friend. The mere thought and the resulting the follow-up action of giving and sharing made me happy.

When I discovered doing nice things for others the next question I asked myself was what can I give to others? 

Being teased as a child, I know what it is like to feel alone, ostracized, and unimportant. With no real skills beyond my enthusiasm I feel my purpose in life is to make people important. I've always felt purpose in life is to try to make sure that others don't ever feel like I did and give them hope. My purpose in life is to be people's #1 fan. To encourage, cheer and clap loudly, and scream for my friends from the sidelines is one of my favorite things to do. 

Always moving to unfamiliar places and being around strangers,  for my friends I like being there as a sidekick or a warm smile and familiar face in a sea of strangers. 

Even though at times I'm not successful, my goal or what I feel my purpose is in life is to try to be a smile in a world of frowns.

When a Sophisticate does something nice for someone  she forgets her own problems and worries. They disappear. Her happiness increases as she sees and appreciates their gratitude. The satisfaction of helping others or "getting over herself", immediately helps to improve her mood.

Depression is a disease.  At the same time, depression can be a form of self-pity, ingratitude, and/or vanity. 

A Sophisticate can feel sorry for herself for a second or two but the other 58 should be dedicated to others. In the end, a Sophisticate get's over herself because she is grateful for the gifts and blessings in her life. Most importantly a Sophisticate gets over herself so she can she share her blessings with others. ;D