A Sophisticate Has it All

“It’s impossible for women to have it all, if they have to do it all. It is ridiculous! " Gloria Steinem

My mom always told me never to be jealous of someone else.  Her phrase to me was "God doesn't give with both hands". Meaning regardless of what you may see or what they may show the world, no one has it all. Life is unbiased when it comes gives obstacles, difficulties, and pain. Everyone suffers, the difference is how people handle the suffering.
As I grew up I read articles and saw personal help books that talked about how to balance career and children successfully. What my mom explained later on is that it is not about having it all, it is about having it all at the same time. She told me women CAN have it all just not at the same time.

"Having it all is not a juggling act, it is a balancing act" 

At the time, I didn't understand. I always heard about juggling everything and aren't there are moments where a woman can have it all at the same time? When her schedule is so organized that she can plan to do and be everything to everyone. Yes but those are moments. The key word I discovered is “moments” .A Sophisticate has it all during moments of her life not years of her life. 

Why can't a Sophisticate have it all "all the time"? 

The problem comes down to time. Time is precious and a baby or child takes as much time as a full time career. The "pull" is her desire.

A Sophisticate wants to do and be it all. 

As a result of equal opportunities a Sophisticate can do whatever she wants and is limited by nothing. With that type of freedom grows an ever increasing desire. That desire is to be the best caregiver to our children AND climb the corporate ladder of business or chosen field. 

"I think that in order to be successful, women have to be figure out what they're successful, women have to figure out what they're passionate about first. No matter what you aspire to, you've got to love what you do in order to be successful about it" Michelle Obama

Reading novels like Personal History: Katherine Graham,  and having the opportunity to be mentored by women who achieved a high level of success in business I discovered my mom was right. Everyone has a tough life and obstacles to overcome. It comes down to two factors, desire and support. 

A Sophisticate achieves success at once not all at once. 

Successful, high powered women usually have one major similarity in common, one part of their life was reserved for their family, the other was heir career. Each part of their life they dedicated their efforts 110%. They also had a supportive husband or a partner to support them.  

A Sophisticate can't have it all at any time in her life, unless she has someone to support her. To have it all a woman needs a man to to support financially when she focuses on her children and emotionally when she focuses on her career. Both times whether her be her family or career she focuses and shows appreciation to her partner who supports her.

“I think you cannot have it at the same time. I think you can in a way have it all as long as you can afford to be patient. But you cannot have it all at the same time. You must accept there will be failures.” Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the IMF, Synchronized swimmer, mother of two.

A Sophisticate balances her life to have it all during parts of her life (A Sophisticate Begins Again).   A Sophisticate has it all because of her belief. Her belief that she can have it all creates a desire to move toward achieving her  dreams beyond the obstacles she inevitably faces in life. A Sophisticate has it all because she believes in her dreams and goals but most importantly,  in the end she has it all because believes in herself ;D