A Sophisticate in Spartanburg, SC

The second day of my trip to Spartanburg, South Carolina my iPhone went off with the following notification "You can print out your ticket. 24 hours until your flight"  it was then and there I felt a sadness that was surprisingly heartbreaking. The day hadn't even started and I was already being reminded of my departure. 

When I arrived in Spartanburg, Traveling back down south I was wearing my black hat was trying to channel my Southern City Sophisticate side since I knew I might feel slightly out of place. Traveling back to DC, I lost my hat, because I may have lost another side of myself only to discover another,

At my hotel as I gazed out of my  window, I didn't see the stores what I was used to seeing in Alexandria, Virginia. I wondered what a person or me could do to be entertained? Living in the city and traveling by myself a lot, places for me are wrongly  judged based on amusement. 

For the first time since visiting Nashville, Spartanburg ended up being judged and enjoyed based on how I felt. How did I feel? I felt relaxed, happy, and like myself. There are few places I didn't have to be Sophisticate to feel important or special and Spartanburg ended up being one.

"A small town is a place where there's no place to go where you shouldn't." Burt Bacharach

For the first time since Nashville, I felt completely myself without having to be someone I wasn't. The "city" defensive attitude that I put up when I'm feeling insecure or scared.

There was nothing about Spartanburg that made me feel defensive or scared.

When I walked down the street, it was the most beautiful small town I had ever seen. The sidewalks were clean and the buildings although not tall were structurally gorgeous. There was a clock in the middle of town. Growing up, I read books because it helped me escape reality. This town was the type of town I had only read about or experienced on Main Street at Walt Disney World. Strolling down the street investigating the shops in town I saw clothing stores that looked appealing. Unfortunately, I already had enough dresses. It was then I noticed a bookstore.

Bookstores can have a special character, so I decided to see what was inside. When I walked in  The Hub City Press it was spacious more importantly, it was comfortable. 

I watched families talking and enjoying each others company, and children playing. There were young and old couples holding hands. In the morning I watched families having breakfast and coffee before work. At night I saw families with children eating ice cream at night and the lights on the trees sparkled in town. Morning or night there wasn't a piece of garbage to be found anywhere. My whole life I dreamed of a town like Spartanburg, South Carolina. 

In Nashville, when the wind blows, a Sophisticate can hear music playing. In Spartanburg, when the wind blows a Sophisticate can smell a kind of sweetness. A tree grows in Brooklyn, and trees are found in Pennsylvania as far as the eye can see, but in Spartanburg, I believe the sweetness is a result of the trees  that exude a special scent, that blows in the wind. I had never smelled that scent anywhere I had ever traveled or been before. That sweetness defined the kindness I experienced in town. It defined the warmth of the sunlight I saw  touch the green I saw all around me.  

The edges of leaves on the trees seem to be lit up by the sunlight in the morning and moonlight at night. In DC, it is sunny but even in April the wind that blows is cold. in Spartanburg you feel nothing but warmth, surrounding you as you gaze into the sky that is calm, clear, and blue.

Spartanburg has a kindness that a Sophisticate has to be there to believe. Although Greenville has great restaurants, and Charleston has great entertainment, the natural beauty and friendliness of small town America that  writers, poets,  and painters try to capture.

The natural beauty and kindness of a Sophisticate  is what Spartanburg represents. Yet at the same time, the city allows a Sophisticate to be the best version of herself. In the end, because of her surroundings a Sophisticate in Spartanburg becomes a natural beauty with warmth, and a sweetness that people notice whenever she is around. ;D