Social Media Sophisticate

"Everything you post on Social Media impacts your personal brand. How do you want to be known?" Lisa Horn aka "The Publicity Gal"

Social Media is an alternate universe. It is something that doesn't exist in real life. It is a world onto it's own. People filter, crop, and present only the best of themselves. FB is not a place where "real" friends are made or exist. 

Social Media is a made up representation of reality or is it? For a Social Media Sophisticate it is not a made up representation of reality, it is a way for her to shape and create her reality. It a way to present an optimistic beautiful world where reality is can be harsh and cruel.

Facebook and Instagram are a collection of her memories, hopes, fears, and favorite quotes. They are a representation of who she is, what she stands for, and what she believes in. Twitter and Facebook is her place to share feelings. Snapchat is a place to share funny photos and give a face to her messages.  Social Media is her journal, her bulletin board, phonebook, texts, and iPhone contact list all rolled into one. 

"Social Media is not about "like" it's about love. Fans and Followers come and go, your message remains" Sophisticate in the Suburbs

A Social Media Sophisticate is visual. Her goal is the message.

A Social Media is an artist. She driven by her passion and her heart. She is visual and her goal is the message from what she creates. The apps and filters allow her to dream and create her personal message to the world. She combines  what others create to develop her own message.  Her canvas is her screen.  It is her movie screen, the keyboard is her paintbrush, and her paint are .jpeg files. A Social Media Sophisticate is an art form in itself.  beautifully imperfect artist.  

A songwriters or a person who draws, paints or sculpts or who is either an engineer or architect practice continuously but their end deliverable has to be perfect. The difference between a Social Media Sophisticate and other artists is that she can delete. She can delete, re-write, re-create, re-imagine, and continuously work to mold her message to what she wants at different times.

How can you spot a Social Media Sophisticate? You will see her working laptop and her iPhone at the same time. The computer and her iPhone are always in her hand. Forget a nice piece of jewelry, her iPhone is favorite accessory. 

"Content is fire, social media is gasoline" Jay Baer

She is the one always taking pictures and also the one taking selfies in public. Wifi is like oxygen. She is the girl always asking for the Wifi password or getting frustrated because the connection is just not fast enough.

A Social Media Sophisticate doesn't read a paper or magazine. She doesn't call. She hates paper unless it is a card from someone she loves. What is a TV without it connected to her computer? The only TV she watches is her Apple TV or anything from YouTube or maybe Netflix. Sometimes her TV screen is her computer and the only shows or movies she watches is what she downloads from iTunes. 

A Social Media Sophisticate has an eye for technology or what is going to visually appealing to her audience. She knows what will "sparkle" in the eyes of the people watching what she does. Most importantly, her eyes  are towards the the future never the past. She is not above learning or developing her skills to keep up. She is the artist that drinks a mocha to keep her reactions and ability to type fast awake and alive. She drinks a mocha and dables in java code. She is the computer geek who draws outside the lines. 

Being good with technology is important because Social Media will end and it will morph into virtual reality and holograms in the second half of the 21st Century or the start of the 22nd Century. It will be at that point when social media will morph from an alternate universe to our universe. A Social Media Sophisticate uses her imagination to create an alternate universe that is her personal dream.  With  wifi and a strong knowledge of who she is, she communicates a message of hope and perfection in a harsh and critical world. In the end, a Social Media Sophisticate creates something virtual with hope that her message will someday become reality. ;D