Battle of the Bastards - Win for the Women

Just recently I started watching Game of Thrones. It was addictive enough that I finished watching six seasons in three weekends or weeks. I've read reviews about what a disappointment Season Six and I didn't believe it. For me as a "newbie" Game of Thrones fan, Season Six has been just as addictive and appealing as Season One. It has also followed a logical progression to the end goal. Although the last two books to be written  I can can gather with the last book title "A Dream of Spring" , the end goal is winter ending (winter being analogous for sadness and tragedy) and happiness returning to the Seven Kingdoms. 

I believe the episode "The Battle of the Bastards" marks the beginning of that happiness. Where does that happiness come from? The women in the show finding their strength and coming together to fight.

That happiness comes in the form of the triumph of the characters that have  pillars  of strength. 

"No one can protect me. No one can protect anyone" Sansa Stark 

Sansa Stark-  Sansa has had the greatest growth and arc as a character. Her lessons have become our lessons. 

The first lesson is that the strongest characters have suffered the most. Suffering makes you smarter, quicker, sharper, stronger, and more willing to succeed.  In my opinion, in this episode she surpassed Catelyn Stark as the true "Lady of Winterfell" because she suffered at the hands of Bolton.

The second lesson is that no one will protect you.  In today's world that translates to the lesson no one will support you. Every woman in the show from Arya to Queen Margery demonstrate that regardless of whatever man is beside her, she has to save herself. Deanery's discovered this when Drago died, Arya discovered it when she realized she wasn't "no one", and Sansa finally came to terms with it in this episode.

Life is brutal regardless of who is beside or behind her. Although sad, Sansa's recognizes the truth of reality. The truth of reality is that a woman must carve out her own life, on her own terms, fight her own battles, and have her own goals without the hope that anyone will help or be there to save her. 

Jon Snow - Emotional and brooding, he uses his feeling to work for him not against him. In the end, the biggest battle is not with armies, white walkers, or the winter, it is with ourself. We fight obstacles every day and wish it were over until we find a higher purpose. Jon found that higher purpose in the love of his family and it made him invincible. With arrows coming at his face, he deflected them with his shield finally becoming the leader he was destined to be. 

Tyrion Lannister - Tyrion FINALLY earns the respect he deserves. Before the pact is made with Yara Greyjoy, Deanery's turns to Tyrion for his blessing. Even after messing up, he is not punished or plotted against. His guidance and knowledge is finally acknowledged and respected.

Daenarys and Yara- These two characters are put together not because I believe there will be a romantic relationship. They are put together because here are two strong women leaders, who respect each others goals, and are willing to work together to achieve each others goals. 

Daenarys comes down from her throne to shake her hand. 

An example of two women working together to help build each other's empire and a build better world then what their fathers' created. No jealously, no cat-fighting or backstabbing, this is a fictional example of "win-win" situation for both women and all women. No doubt this will be a great situation for the Kingdoms when all is said and done.

This episode brought out a lot about how tragedy stops becoming tragedy when people find their inner strength. When people decide to put a higher purpose above the fears and ugliness of life. When women work together good can happen. 

Although far and few between, good can triumph over evil. 

At the end of the show the smile on Sansa's face was one one of the few genuine smiles I have seen in the entire series. There were many genuine smiles in this episode that gave me an enormous amount of satisfaction. 

Isn't that life? Life is full of tragedy and sadness. Winter rears it's ugly head and  happiness is a fleeting gift. The fleeting gift of happiness becomes something we appreciate and gives us an enormous amount of satisfaction. As far as the show is concerned, the Battle of the Bastards became the small start of many more smiles to come and "The Dream of Spring" to become a reality. ;D