A Sophisticate on Music Row: Blog

The voice, the presence. I'm watching 'Glee' completely speechless as my fingers do all the talking. My fingertips are texting friends and posting as if there his no tomorrow. 

"You have to hear this version of 'Take me to Church!"  Send. Post.

That is how it started. After that it was innocent enough. There was a small concert in Delaware with the singer whose voice and presence on the TV screen left me speechless. 

"Delaware, where is that?"

Unlike most people I never followed a singer or band. I never went to concerts especially ones that had indie bands. Who were singer/songwriters? What is a singer/songwriter? This was a crowd or scene I had yet to experience.  I only recently started to like indie music but a concert? Then again, I wondered, why not? It will be a good experience. It will be something to write about and expand what Sophistication means in the 21st Century. Why not include music?  Music is Sophisticated, right? This indie concert is merely another role for me to play. New experiences are at the heart of every good writer. This experience might be good for me and  a blog or two, a tweet or two, and maybe a few posts on Facebook. 

To fit the part, I go on a quick shopping trip to Urban Outfitters.

I have more fun at Urban Outfitters then I'm willing to admit. I find an appropriate shirt. I still wear my signature black and white but decide to try my glasses on for size. They make me look smart and cool, right? Geek chic. They make me feel comfortable and at ease. Perfect. Although no one will see me in the dark, I hope to blend in with the crowd. 

The night arrives. The lights dim and my heart lights up. The mood mellows yet my soul awakens. My friend who comes with me to the concert says that in the matter of two hours he saw all my layers fall off, shed like leaves during the Fall. He saw me completely open up like a flower, the real me finally blossoming. He sees "the real me"? He's right. The person who left the concert is not the same person who arrived. 

Something happened. 
Something major has just happened.
Something has changed for me and within me, forever. 

Music. How could I have forgotten about my past history with music? How could I have forgotten my whole family including myself plays an instrument? How could I have forgotten my love of dance, ballet class (A Sophisticate Dances Ballet), and the relationship I've had with music my whole life? (A Sophisticate on Music Row: BackgroundDidn't a song inspire my alter ego for Sophisticate in Suburbs? Didn't a song inspire me to create Kitty Sophisticate?

How could I have forgotten my deep passion for music? 
How could I have forgotten me?

After the concert my inspiration pervaded everything that I wrote about on Sophisticate in the Suburbs. My tweets, my blog post ideas, and my posts were all about music. Ideas and inspiration from my favorite songs and artists came to me like water falling off a cliff otherwise known as a waterfall. Yet I only had a bucket to capture all that I wanted communicate and share. What started out as one or two posts became more like four to five posts and daily tweets. 

The thought occurred to me that my inspiration needed to be separated out because it was taking on a life of its own. Without a thought I decided to put on one of my favorite movies "Almost Famous". All of a sudden  I remembered why it is one of my favorite movies because of the main characters love of writing and music. 

The character of William Miller, me. Naive, ambitious, and uncool. A  character who has a deep love of music and literature. They really are the same since both literature and music tell a story and both take me home. They both make me feel loved and as if I belong.

Remembering the first time I saw the movie 'Almost Famous'. Cameron Crowe became my idol (My idol Cameron Crowe: From Rick Journalist to Music Blogger). He had the ability to combine both great loves into a career that lead him to win an Oscar all because of his love of music. I suddenly remember that I'm a writer too. 

After watching the movie,r I decided to create a separate web site to share my love of music. Forget Rolling Stone, I'm going to hire myself and write about what I know and love about music. Music Row is my personal music journal. An online journal as a way to write about share my love of music.  It is my way to applaud and give credit to the artists that create great music. 

Sophisticate on Music Row is a way for me to a way for me to show how music and writing are the same. In the end, Sophisticate on Music Row is way to bring me back to me and back home by combining my life-long,  heartfelt passion of music with my life love affair with the written word. ;D