A Sophisticate is Italian

"Is your Mom picking you up today?"
"Yep. She's waiting for me across the street" I'm in elementary school and I get off the school bus.  I see my my mom standing across the street like she always did waiting for me by herself.
I notice the boy who asked me look around and I smile to myself.
"Where?" he asks 
"Right there."  I nod in her direction. 
I hesitate wondering if  I should point out the obvious. I do.
"She's kinda the only person across the street." 
"Oh, okay." He shook his head smiling to himself probably realizing his mistake.
"I always thought your mom was tall, blond, and had blue eyes."
"Nope. That's my Dad."

When I was little I looked just like my Dad but somewhere around adolescence people who knew my parents would look at me and say "You look just like your Dad" and then pause. I knew what their  pause or slight reservation meant. The pause meant that I looked just like my Dad except for certain features. One feature in particular, my nose. My nose is a slightly larger then a normal nose. It was  a unique feature that  I never tried to hide or be ashamed of, because there was no reason. My mother was 90-95% Italian and therefore, I was Italian. My nose or  "Roman profile" as I sometimes refer to it, is a source of that pride.

Being Itaian gives me a sense of pride and regality based on Ancient Rome (History of Ancient Rome) and the Holy Roman Empire who once conquered and ruled the world. The Italian culture is based on having confidence in oneself.  A Sophisticate who is Italian has a dominating spirit coupled with a loving nature. 

Italian women are known for their passion. Italian women are not known for being quiet or demure. They have a fiery, passionate nature when it comes to what and who they love.  They are known for their ease in social settings. Ease in social settings is one way to put it since a Sophisticate who is Italian seeks out and initiates social gatherings. There is no social setting that give a Sophisticate a sense of worth and happiness then spending time with "La  Famiglia". A Sophisticate who is Italian is fiercely loyal and close to her family.  She trusts her family first, others second. For a Sophisticate who is Italian, family comes first and foremost. Family includes her actual family and the family she makes for herself. She is very close with her family. Also, food and drink is  a must. She has a relaxed nature around those who she loves and trusts. There is no one with better taste or appreciation for good food or good wine when she is around those people she
loves and trusts, right?  She appreciates the finer aspects of life and the finer aspects what life has to offer. 

"Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical." Sophia Loren

A Sophisticate who is Italian is comfortable in her own skin. She embraces her flaws and utilizes them to her advantage. Her passion and confidence can be misconstrued at times for aggressiveness yet, this takes the form of ambition when she is focused on her goals. A Sophisticate who is Italian loves... loves food, love people, loves God, loves her friends, loves fashion, loves love, and ultimates loves whatever makes her happy.  

"If you haven't cried, your eyes can't be beautiful." Sophia Loren

Extravagant, emotional, messy, and beautifully overindulgent. A Sophisticate who is Italian goes over and above for those people who she loves. Both a weakness and a strength, she embraces the dramatic side of her personality without thought or care of what others think of her. She embraces her flaws and doesn't apologize for them. Fighting or loving, it's the same emotion for her. She fights for who and what she loves with the same amount of affection or passion. Fiercely, loyal be careful when you fall in love with her because if a Sophisticate loves you in return, she is yours forever and will fight to keep you. 

Whatever makes her happy she does or expresses and it is done with enormous love and affection. She is not afraid of her own
feelings and isn't afraid of expressing those feelings. If a  Sophisticate who is Italian is attracted to you, you will know it. Comfortable with her herself and is confident in her own skin,  when it comes to her sex appeal she is unafraid to be daring when it comes to what she wears aka fashion or her feelings.

"The woman who doesn't need validation from anyone is the most feared individual on the planet" Mohadesw Najumi 

What makes most Italian women so intimidating or special is she  is direct. She seeks and speaks the truth. Unapologetic (A Sophisticate Never Apologize) she is honest with herself and therefore believes others deserve the same courtesy. 

If life doesn't give her the finer aspects of life, an Italian woman will seek them out for herself. When discussing a Sophisticate who is Italian the word "fierce" (A Sophisticate is Fierce) commonly comes to mind. Famous Italian women include Rose McGowan, Zo Nowak, Donatello Versace, Monica Bellucci, Marisa Tomei, Carla Bruni, Sophia Loren, the late Christina Grimmie, and Alicia Keys to name a few.

"Mistakes are part of the dues one pays for a full life" Sophia Loren

A Sophisticate who is Italian is resilient (A Sophisticate is Resilient). Her residency allows her to be passionate towards aspects of life that make her happy sometimes allowing her to make mistakes. Her resiliency allows for a passionate, loving, fierce, and unapologetic nature. What makes a woman who is Italian a Sophisticate in the 21st Century is that she is unapologetic about herself, flaws, mistakes, and all. In the end, she is direct, and passionate  when it comes to being her true self, pursing what she truly desires life, thus, making her a "true Sophisticate". ;D