Red String of Fate

"Our hearts are connected,
as if a string would run
from yours to mine.

If you were to leave, 
mine would be ripped out of my chest,
leaving me bleeding inside,
as you would drag my heart away." 
Poem "String" by Oscar Pocochon (Pocochon on tumblr

While at the salon two months ago, I began talking with the beauty specialist. The topic of dating and men came up. Beyond clothes or shopping, dating and relationships are always a common topic between two women who are relative strangers. Love and relationships are a common bond, like sports or video games are to men. I told her that I was single. I told her it was my fault because I go after men who aren't interested in me and I run from men who want to get serious with me. The reason is because deep down I'm afraid of commitment. My inability to trust anyone or become close is because of my fear of being controlled. How could anyone break that curse?

"It's not that I don't believe in soul mates, it's that I believe I don't have one"
"Don't worry" she said "You will find the other end of your red string"

Red string? Okay, this was something I had to ask her about. It was then she told me about the asian myth or chinese legend of the red string that was tied to everyone and connects soulmates.

"My red string is broken.It isn't connected to anyone" 
"That's impossible. It may be tangled but it can never be broken"

According to the legend, the Chinese gods would tie the string around the ankles of two people that fate would one day bring together. The invisible string would be their way of finding one another. The Japanese culture adapted this myth, with their tradition believing that the string was tied around the pinky fingers of two lovers who were destined to meet. Similar to the concept of soulmates (A Sophisticate finds her Soulmate), the string - tied on by the gods of love- would keep two souls connected no matter where they went or how far apart they were. 

Yuanfan (n.) A relationship by fate or destiny; the binding force between two people.

If time or circumstance separated the two lovers, they would still be able to find their way back to one another. According to the legend, the string will stretch and stretch, but it will never break"

There is a difference between destiny and fate (The Destiny of a Sophisticate).  A Sophisticate may have control over some things but not everything. The one thing she does not have control over is love. That is when the "Red String of Fate" will step in and give her the soulmate that she deserves. The soulmate who is good enough to deserve the specialness of who she is and it will not just be her but her love that will be found. In the end, like her "Red String of Fate" her heart remains unbroken and her love for another runs as far as her love runs deep. ;D