A Sophisticate and Men with Beards

"He that hath a beard is more then a youth. He that hath no beard is less then a man." Beatrice from the play "Much Ado About Nothing"

The beard fashion trend has brought out a lot of questions, analysis, and discussion. Should a woman date or marry a man with a beard or not? Does a beard make the man or is it a sign that he is a man rather then a boy? Is it attractive? Is it professional? Why do men who are top executives not have a beard? Is having a beard a sign that a man doesn't want to climb the corporate ladder? Does shaving one's beard mean that they are seriously about doing well professionally? Is the choice to have a beard and still be CEO merely a sign of a generational situation  In 20 years will more male CEOs have beards? Maybe. Probably.

From the time I started dating without a beard. I would see men with thick beards and think it was gross.  I imagined kissing and having to spit out hairs. It was not appealing.  Everyone knows that you can't change a man. It would be wrong of me to date him and ask him to shave his beard. The first rule in dating or in love is that a woman cannot change a man. Why would a woman who is falling in love or in love want to?

"Growing a beard is a habit most natural, scriptural, manly, and beneficial" C.H. Spurgeon

Then, I fell for someone with a full grow beard. At first I admired him and when I saw a picture with him with a newly grown beard it made me nervous. For me it seemed to radically changed the persona I originally saw him exude. Yet, when we were face-to-face and I finally met him, the beard disappeared, whatever I saw or felt was powerful I was extremely attracted. The attraction did not go away as I got to know him either . The beard didn't matter and I barely saw it or cared. That is, until the silliest fear crept in that he might shave it. I realized that I really liked his beard. I liked him with the beard as much as I had noticed him without the beard.

My Dad and my Grandmother
Late 70's 
Falling for someone who had a beard made me remember something I had forgotten. When I was six years old I went down to breakfast and saw my Dad clean shaven. Up until that point he had a mustache or a beard. My Dad still tells me the story because when I saw him I had such a powerful reaction. Of course, he never told me the story because I remember how I couldn't stop laughing. As I grew up, I realized that sometimes my laughter was to handle stress. And yes, I'm one of those people who laugh during inappropriately. As I grew up I realize it was my reaction when I was either really stressed or sad. 

The question became "If I didn't like my Father who was clean shaven why did I not date men with beards? Why was I always attracted to men who were clean shaven?" The answer had nothing to do wIth a beard but the men who wore the beard.

A man is smart and professional whether he has a beard or not.

In the 21st Century, like the freedom women have in fashion and opportunities the same goes with men. It is considered fashionable right now is for men to have beards. It depends on a man's style and preference to whether he wants to grow one or not. It is his choice.

Men can have long hair, mohawks, or short hair. They can have beard or not. They can have a mohawk, a beard, and tattoos.  A Sophisticate in the 21st Century has the freedom to fall in love with anyone she wants. Therefore, having a beard in the scheme of things is more of a personal preference for a man like liking a man is a the personal preference of a Sophisticate. 

When it comes to dating in the 21st Century, a Sophisticate is attracted and in love with a man whether he has a beard or not.  In the end, it is not how she feels about a man with a beard but how she feels about the man himself. ;D