A Sophisticate Cares


"The opposite of love is to hate, it's indifference." Elie Wiesel 

One day I was watching a friend perform on stage.  He was was receiving accolades left and right. Sitting in the audience for the first time, I felt excitement as if I were the one receiving the accolades. There was no jealousy,  no desire to be part of the accolades, I was not going to reap any benefit from the accolades, it went beyond feeling as if he deserved it. My respect for him was there even before I met first met him. It dawned on me that I had either evolved to the point of selflessness (not likely) or I finally understood what it meant to care about someone and maybe even love them.

"Self care is not self indulgence. Self care is self respect" -Gateway- Women.com

A Sophisticate must love herself aka be independent to love another person. The reason is simple, the true test of love is being happy for another person without any expectation of return. A Sophisticate who is self-sufficient,  financially and emotionally independent, doesn't need another person for happiness.

The unexpected happiness felt for someone else is joy. (A Sophisticate is Happy). Once joy is experienced not caring is not an option. You can never be truly be indifferent.

In the 21st Century where exposure is almost vital to survival, a Sophisticate doesn't need another person to help or promote them. She doesn't need what another person can give her, she only wants the other person imperfections and all.

"Love is caring about the welfare and success of another person not out of self-interest but out of the appreciation of who they really are." Sophisticate in the Suburbs

When someone truly loves another person, they don't love a memory, they don't love the fame or fortune another person brings to the table. Memories fade, people change, fame, and fortune can be gone in a blink of an eye. It is loving the goodness of another person and more importantly  the respect a Sophisticate has for another person that creates the ability to care and thus the bond between two individuals.

"Love is when you care about someone simply because you believe in them" Sophisticate in the Suburbs

The wedding vows "For richer or poorer, in sickness and in health" always seemed unoriginal to me. There are so many other better ways of stating that  true commitment is understanding that  money pails in comparison to the love of another person. Words that better reflect the idea of wealth or poverty, sickness or good health, love exists so long as the other person exists. 

"Love is caring for each other even when you're angry" Unknown

When a Sophisticate loves someone, they know the other person can't give them anything. The greatest gift another person can give her is simply themselves. That is why when a Sophisticate loves someone she wants them to be free. (All  a Sophisticate Wants (in Love)) Freedom, distance, or death can not stop  the feelings she has for the person she cares for or rather loves.

The ironic part is that caring for someone has a lot  to do with a loss of hope. Caring begins when hope is lost aka there is no logical reason for her to concern herself with another person. Yet there is a pull, a connection felt deep inside  that she cannot  let go of and cannot deny.