A Sophisticate is Avarice

"Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get." Dale Carnegie

Desire, even ambition, is not sinful.  The sinful nature comes when desire and ambition go beyond moderation into something ugly, revengeful, deceitful, or superfluous. 

When ambition to become something better or afford what will make life easier  turns into selfishness and thinking only of oneself, it becomes a sin, it becomes greed or avarice. 

"I didn't come this far, to only come this far" Unknown

From experience, all of the following will make a Sophisticate happy and more confident for about an hour or two. A day if she's lucky, that's all. 

- Diamonds and jewelry 
- Designer anything (clothes, pocketbooks, shoes)
- Followers and likes on Social Media  
- Large house, fame, and monetary wealth

"The happiest times are  when you at your most richest, in your heart not your bank account" Sophisticate in the Suburbs 

The difference between a Sophisticate in the 21st Century, is  that in the face all the opportunities presented to her she recognizes that money can't buy everything or anything important. The most expensive clothing can't hide rude, racist, or mean behavior. The most expensive clothing can't hide ugliness of a heart that can't or doesn't want to love. 

My lesson of the fruitlessness of greed began with a Care Bear. 

Background: My parents couldn't afford things that most people could provide to their children in the 80's. They couldn't afford to put me in Brownies or Girl Scouts, and they couldn't afford to buy me a Care Bear. 

My grandmother felt bad so she made me a homemade one. I kept on my bed but ashamedly, every time I looked at it,  I was reminded of the state of my situation compared to others. It was a reminder of what others had that I didn't. (A Sophisticate is Envy)

"Greed is hoarding things of perceived, not actual value." Sophisticate in the Suburbs

Perceived Value: Years later after sacrifice and hard work by my parents and myself I got a good job. A year or two into my first job the original Care Bears from the 80's were re-issued.  One day after work I went to Toys 'R' Us and  bought ten Care Bears. 

Reality: For a month, I had my hearts desire but my heart wasn't into it. Who cared if I could afford to buy ten Care Bears? In the long run, buying them had made me happy for all of two minutes

"The real worth is not in the giving, not the getting." Sophisticate the Suburbs

Real value: Everything came full circle  when I donated them. What made me happy was not the Care Bear but imagining the smile of a little girl whose parents couldn't afford to buy a Care Bear. It had nothing to do with the getting but the giving.

In the end, a Sophisticate is avarice because she desires to afford something better in life but is not greedy enough to want what money can afford at the expense of  her or someone else's hear. ;D