A Sophisticate on Music Row: Brand

"My relationship with Music Row has always been, from my end, optimistic and hopeful that there is more than one way to approach the writing, recording, and marketing of an album." Deana Carter

The concept of Music Row as Brand developed as a way to give more of a visual of the blogs I write. It developed from my love of certain artists music and the idea that I could utilize my love of music and writing to help Musicians succeed. 

For a moment, imagine if your biggest fan worked for you. Imagine if your biggest fan attended and helped to promote your concerts and upcoming events on Social Media.  Imagine if your biggest fan helped you post video of you on YouTube and Periscope, posted your music, and wrote blogs about you and your music. Finally, imagine if your biggest fan worked to support your Manger, Promoter, and your Agent to network and promote your music.  

Those ideas and more is what Sophisticate on Music Row as a brand is based on. 

The trip to The Ryman (A Sophisticate at The Ryman Auditorium) made me realize that in the 21st Century Social Media could be the next stage or venue platform for music. 
The ideals of The Ryman of bringing people of all cultures together is perfect for Social Media since the cultures of the world utilize Social Media.  At that moment, my idea of blog turned into a brand because then it was my decision was then I decided to post and provide a virtual stage for music. 

"Close your eyes, what do you hear?
Open your heart, what do you see? 
Music is a world where we all live in harmony" Sophisticate on Music Row.

My first love is writing, my second love is music. 

Music is what I grew up learning from my family and learning to appreciate (Sophisticate on Music Row: Background), Sophisticate on Music Row as a Blog (Sophisticate on Music Row: Blog) is where my writing takes center stage. An example are my blogs (Sophisticate on Music Row;Website ) and my poetry posts on Instagram (Sophisticate on Music Row: Instagram)

"Beauty is the in eye of the beholder, art is in the heart of many" Sophisticate in the Suburbs

The new apps made available on Social Media allow music to shared in a new way. It takes it to the next level of appreciation and promotion. With Music Row, I decided to play my favorite music and hopefully, introduce people to new artists. One of my goals with the brand is to play music first and write second. 

Sophisticate on Music Row on Instagram plays music. It is a radio station on Social Media that also is a mini-blog. With each Instagram post not only does a follower get to listen to music recommendations  (new releases, classic rock, and hip hop/soul) but the description is a mini- blog in itself  sharing my knowledge and love for each song I post. 

"Music Row isn't a street or a place, it is an avenue played and heard in the heart of us all"  Sophisticate in the Suburbs

Music Row is named Music Row because the brand is about promoting artists beyond Nashville. This Sophisticate believes that although Nashville may be the heart of music, music lives in the heart of us all. 

What are the services Music Row provides?

-   Periscope/Facebook Live Videos
-   Articles or blogs written about you the artist and individual songs
-   Posts on Instagram, FB and Twitter of your music
-   Networking on Social Media vehicles 
-   Support with songwriting 
-   Promote vinyl albums next to my pink guitar 

A Sophisticate on Music Row provide you the promotion on Social Media to support your music whether it be helping to sell tickets, write songs, writing about your songs, or coming up with cute catch phrases on Social Media to help you connect your music with your audience.  

In the end, Sophisticate on Music Row is your #1 fan on Social Media. If interested, email me at debbie@trusophisticate.com and if I love your music, we should talk, write, and start promoting the brand of you. ;D