Sophisticate- Etiquette Tip 2: X-Files on Social Media
"In the 21st Century Social Media is a reflection of your life. Why keep someone who is not part of your life on Social Media?" Sophisticate in the Suburbs

Our family  accumulated lots of photographs over the years. Weddings and holidays as well as special events, the cameras at holidays and events were like the paparazzi.  Unfortunately, the pictures lasted longer then some the relationships. One afternoon  my mom mentioned how we had a significant amount of pictures of "Ex's".  How could we get keep the good pictures of the people we love but not be reminded of the break-ups? My Dad then made a joke "Why don't we title one of our photo albums the  "X-Files and put them in there?" We all began to laugh because we all knew of the TV series. My Dad took a sensitive topic and made it into a joke at the same time offering up a good alternative. 

In the 21st Century a persons pictures or  "X-Files" have now gone public or semi-public on Social Media.  

Today all of those "Ex" pictures are no longer reserved for personal use but are floating out there for everyone and anyone to potentially see. Everyone can see the pictures of the people in your life especially if you have your privacy settings set to "Public" or "Friends of Friends".

The question is, how do you allow people to see the personal side of you as you try to promote your business? Also, how does dating and relationships factor into this dynamic? 

Everyone knows I'm a big fan of the delete key when posting. No matter whether it be relationships or politics the delete key is important when it comes to security, safety, and protection. The same applies to relationships.

"Success in your personal and professional life depends on separation of your personal and professional life on social media." Sophisticate in the Suburbs

I've made the mistake in the past of posting pictures of me with other people that might hurt others. It is for that reason and the fact I'm far from perfect, that I'm so grateful for the delete key.

"If people "Unlike" you on Social Media because you delete an ex, then maybe they didn't "Like" you begin with." Sophisticate in the Suburbs 

Regardless of my mistakes I've kept names out of my blogs because a certain level of privacy is very important. It's important not just for me or another person that I may be involved with but for the family and friends who are close the people in the current relationship. 

"Social Media has become so reflective of people's lives that a Sophisticate should be the only woman in a mans life and on his profile" Sophisticate in the Suburbs

The questions a Sophisticate has to ask before posting is "How would a current girlfriend or boyfriend or wife feel if I posted or kept a picture of an ex public?" "How would the friends or family of the person I love perceive seeing someone who is not in a relationship with me anymore on my account?"  When a Sophisticate get's involved with anyone it's important that no one questions his loyalty to her.

"Do you want to keep followers? or Do you want to keep the one you love?" Sophisticate in the Suburbs

Finally, until a Sophisticate gets married the question anyone should to ask themselves, especially if they have a business or a blog on Social Media, is what are her priorities?  Are her top priorities business and career, or the love of her life? The answer should be the latter if she is in love. 

Etiquette Tips:

Don't post couple or individual posts of a love interest unless:
  • You are married and have children
Why? Because there is always the potential for break-ups. Divorce happens of course but hopefully, the odds are pretty strong that you stay together.
Today everyone has friends of the opposite sex. And if you do post another person of the opposite sex:
  • Keep description neutral or professional. No heart emojis, love, or "I'm in love with" If those are utilized they should be referred to the product or book their selling or music or blog they are playing or promoting. Also, the use of the word "fan" or "favorite" is utilized.
In the 21st Century on Social Media the courtesy for past relationships depends on the respect you have the current love in your life. In the end, the key to breaking up on Social Media is the delete key. ;D