A Sophisticate is Gluttony


"Moderation is a fatal thing. Nothing succeeds like excess" Oscar Wilde 

While at a restaurant with my Aunt, she said to me "Always look at the dessert menu first. Plan your meal around what you want for dessert" That was one of my favorite pieces of advice. It's a take on "Eat dessert first" with the caveat that it is all about moderation. 

"Everything in moderation, including moderation" Oscar Wilde

The sin of Gluttony is the embodiment all of the Seven Deadly Sins, excess. Gluttony is about going past a line of what is deemed acceptable or good for you. That line is your subconscious saying "I shouldn't" and your conscious mind  ignoring your conscious and acting anyway.

Sophistication is about not decreasing your worth by increasing the worth of something else through excessive behavior.

"And immediately, while he was still speaking the rooster crowed. And the Lord turned and looked at Peter.  And Peter remembered the saying of the Lord, how he had said to him, 'Before the rooster crows today, you will deny me three times.' And he went out and wept bitterly." Luke 22:54-62 

For me Sophistication in the 21st Century is not about denying oneself that guilty pleasure, it is about not trying to hide it. Those who are not Sophisticated say out loud to other "I would never" when they know in their heart they would. A Sophisticate is not pretentious (A Sophisticate is Pretentious), she does not pretend.  

"Gluttony is denying ones feelings with overabundance." Sophisticate in the Suburbs  

Gluttony is a vain greed (A Sophisticate is Avarice) of false pretense. It is eating when you feel full, it is drinking an extra beer when you are sad, it is eating dessert in front of someone who is on a diet or is diabetic, and it is passing by someone who is homeless on the way to the store to buy an outfit  with a closet full of clothes at home.

"A moment on the lips means forever on the hips" Sophisticate in the Suburbs

Drug addiction, people with eating disorders, and those who become alcoholics  hide their pain through other means that will help them feel better. Even those who exercise to the point of extreme are hiding their feelings and feed them with endorphins.  

The problem with Gluttony, unlike the other sins is that it ends up very badly. Buying an extra outfit to feed your vanity (A Sophisticate is Vain), will put you in debt. That debt will cause you to become sad or mad (A Sophisticate is Wrath) maybe even envious (A Sophisticate is Envy).

Gluttony is good when the overabundance:
- Is true to your values and priorities
- Generate good results aka greatest good for the greatest amount of people
- Makes you feel good
and most importantly, makes others feel good.

Getting good grades and studying is an example of a good type of Gluttony. At the same time  it can be bad as well. My intense and obsessive focus on studying  caused me to never go out and have fun. My studies became such a part of my life it made me feel lonely and depressed. It helped me get into college but it at the time it didn't help me  or anyone else feel good. I didn't listen to my Aunt. I forgot the dessert menu.

Gluttony is about remembering and indulging in what is good for you in moderation to everything and everyone else. A Sophisticate is Gluttony because she knows that the one thing to overindulge with is making herself and others feel good.  In the long run, authenticity and true kindness for herself and the benefit of other person will never truly lead to bad results. In the end, nothing succeeds like the excess of love. ;D