A Sophisticate is Sloth

"I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it" Bill Gates

For me, I had a basic idea for this post and knew what I going to write but had a million different ways on how to approach the structure. What stories could I write about? How did I want to end the blog? What quotes could I put in to support my point? What was my point or my message? I wrote and re-wrote it in my head a million times, the whole week. New ideas kept coming into my mind that completely destroyed my original plan. This blog was finally written two hours before it was published. 

Even though I had a week to write it, I procrastinated. Was it because I was  unfocused? Tired? Lazy? Yes.  Because I knew I'm good with the computer and have become adept at what might work on the different social media vehicles I woke up in the morning and prepared my posts, clips of of videos and published before I had my first cup of coffee. Yet, last night when I could have done it all to prepare for today I worked on a poem, another piece of writing that I waited until the end of the week to accomplish. Even with a schedule and knowledge of what I have to do, I still wait until the last minute. 

Sloth and laziness, come from sadness. Procrastination comes from fear.  Laziness and procrastination also come from pride (A Sophisticate is Vain).   A Sophisticate knows that she can complete something in half the time because of her work ethic and skills.  

"Work smarter not harder" Allan F. Mogensen 

No matter what industry the smartest and most talented people appear to be the laziest. Why? Because they can afford to be. A Sophisticate sometimes doesn't need motivation because her inspiration and skills allow her to be lazy. The key to saving time and money is being able to work smarter not harder.

"The space between being good and the best is having the motivation to work on being better" Sophisticate in the Suburbs

Where sloth becomes a sin is when a Sophisticate continues to allow her laziness to affect  others is when she starts taking people for granted by not making an effort support the people she loves. 

"A dream without a plan is just a wish" Katherine Paterson

Also, if a Sophisticate gives into laziness and procrastinates long enough where someone does what she wanted or wants to do her feelings can turn into jealousy (A Sophisticate is Envy) and then anger (A Sophisticate is Wrath).

Finally, sloth becomes a sin is when her personal performance becomes mediocre aka she doesn't grow. A Sophisticate is always good at what she does but no one is perfect.  By continually striving to be better through her work ethic it could make her be considered by others to be the best. 

"To achieve focus your energy on what you want to do instead of wasting time on what you need to do to accomplish." Sophisticate in the Suburbs

Sloth depends on a Sophisticate knowing her priorities. A Sophisticate is sloth when she works hard and utilizes all of her energy on her priorities to accomplish her goals. All of her energy expended results in her being tired. Her tiredness can turns into laziness. What sloth relates to for a Sophisticate is needs and wants. 

A Sophisticate knows what her priorities are and what she wants. She focuses her energy on to achieve her dream rather than wasting her time on what she needs to do to accomplish her goals. In the end, a Sophisticate is sloth because the only thing is always tired of is being the best. ;D