A Sophisticate has Sass

"Sass is when your choice of words is similar to the sound of a Johnny Cash song, 'steady as a train and sharp as a razor.'" Sophisticate in the Suburbs

No one ever says a Sophisticate has Northern roots, they merely say she is from the East Coast. The reason the phrase "Southern Roots" exists is because a Sophisticate from the South has pride in her roots or where her family comes from  and the history of those roots. 

A Sophisticate on the East Coast has an attitude, a Sophisticate in the South has Sass.

Southern Sass is not an attitude like it is in the North. Sass is a confidence that can be found within the heart and soul of someone from the South. It's not loyalty like what is found in NYC or the Northern states it's a  pride in a region or rather a history. but its a pride in having roots. Roots meaning being Southern.  

A Sophisticate on the East Coast struts, when a Southern Sophisticate walks it is with the physical embodiment of Sass called "sashaying".  What does it mean to sashay or have Sass? What is Sass? Sass is knowing innately that you are the best while having the sweetness or charm not to say it out loud. 

A Southern Sophisticate speaks when spoken to but is never outspoken. Don't ever take silence as acceptance. A Southern Sophisticate is never more cunning or outspoken then when she is silent. Manners dictate that a lady does not raise her temper or get angry. Therefore, she chooses her words carefully. 

A Southern Sophisticate  was raised not to overreact to be kind and gentile. That applies when she feels angry. It comes out as "Sass".

My Nana who is a true Southerner was never so nasty as when she was being nice. My Nana could insult you and it was done so sweetly and deftly it was if she was being your best friend. She always made her point clear and did it with a smile. 

“I'm a damsel, I'm in distress, I can handle this. Have a nice day!”  Megara from the movie "Hercules"

Sass is  a 'sour sweetness' similar to a "Sour Patch" kid piece of candy. The sourness is made better with an overpowering sweetness. The sweetness tames the sour so you continue to eat more. Sass is  the art of insulting someone and making it sound like a compliment.

"Sass is sweetness to the ear and biting on the tongue" Sophisticate in the Suburbs

doesn't smile in response to her feelings, she smiles in response to people. She has three different smiles:
  • One smile for her family and friends, 
  • One smile her boyfriend, and 
  • One smile for her enemies 
The smile for her enemies are when she is being "Sassy". The only way someone can tell if a Sophisticate is being "Sassy"  is by looking at  eyes. Are her eyes soft and sweet? Sharp and piercing? The phrase "The eyes are the window to the soul" is never more true than when it comes to a Sophisticate from the South.

In the end, a Sophisticate is first class because she never deters from being kind or having manny, even when she is upset and has sass. ;D