A Sophisticate Wears a Derby Hat

Photo: Al Sanchez
"When you break the fashion rule to never wear the same thing twice it becomes your signature" Sophisticate in Suburbs

My pink derby hat is sometimes referred to as the "Judy Jetson" hat because of the style. I will never buy another derby hat because this one not just fits perfectly but suits me as well (A Sophisticate Wears a Hat). It will be an  heirloom I will pass down to my little girl if and when I ever have one. 

The story of how I got it was quite funny, as if destiny intervened. Let me know what you think...

The  Devon Horse  Show Ladies Hat day was an event that was attended by all my FemCity entrepreneur friends. It was a great way to network while wearing your prettiest spring dress and hat. I decided I wanted to join in the fun. There was a handmade hat shop Hats By Katie at the Devon Horse Show where most of the women I knew had bought their hats. 

I walked into the small shop with all the hats on display. They were pricey and wasn't sure about the investment. I would have to LOVE the hat as I though looking around. I didn't see anything that really grabbed my attention.  I saw a headband I liked and was slightly relieved especially since it was slightly cheaper than the hats.

At that moment I was the only one in the shop. The owner Katie asked me if I was finding everything okay. I nodded my head "yes" and mentioned the headband. She said "Yes, that is very nice. You don't see anything else that might interest you?" she asked. I glanced around and shook me head. "No" I said. 

Then she said "Well, if you don't like any of the hats on display, someone reserved this hat but never came back to pay for it. When she lifted the box from behind the counter and took the hat out I knew the hat belonged to me. Strange as it may seem I knew that I could not physically, emotionally, or mentally step away from buying it.

 Still, from then on, it became my signature. I have yet to find another Derby hat that is so me. 

From then on, I discovered the excitement of wearing a hat. From then on, I  discovered that a Sophisticate doesn't pick a hat, a hat chooses her. ;D